Icomera Incorporates Sierra Wireless Modules to Improve Vehicle Gateway Communication System

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Icomera, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a growing company that develops, sells, and operates advanced communication solutions. Icomera is the leading provider of communication solutions for trains, supporting persistent mobile internet connectivity. In addition to the railway market, Icomera supplies systems for trucks, buses, and other vessels that require reliable and efficient mobile communication.

  • Incorporate 3G and 4G cellular connectivity to improve the bandwidth capabilities and reliability of products
  • Provides 3G and 4G data transfer speeds with consistent, reliable connectivity for mobile communications
  • Improves passenger satisfaction enabling more efficient use of travel time
  • Streamlines communication and information exchange with passengers
  • Enables secure access to available cellular networks
Sierra Wireless Products & Services
  • Sierra Wireless® LTE Embedded Modules (MC7304 for the European market and MC7354 for the North American market)
  • Icomera Mobility Platform (IMP)


Icomera’s systems have been in daily operation since 2003, enabling thousands of commuters to make efficient use of their traveling time with consistent mobile internet access.

The Icomera Mobile System (IMS) provides a consistent network interface for all IP-enabled devices. At one end, IMS connects to the outside world using a combination of access networks. At the other end, IMS provides a simple Ethernet interface to connect a single device or an entire onboard network in order to achieve mobile connectivity. 

Icomera’s products contain unique and patented software that enables the system to seamlessly communicate over multiple networks for optimal performance. The selection of network carriers can be tuned according to the requirements of the application and includes choices for least cost routing, enhanced stability, and optimal bandwidth. The technology has been certified over virtually all available wireless networks in Europe. 

To continue improving the bandwidth capabilities and reliability of its products, Icomera decided to incorporate 3G cellular connectivity support to take advantage of the unmatched data transfer speeds and pervasive UMTS network coverage throughout Europe.

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Our product is agnostic and works with any type of technology, so we chose to work with companies that provide the best products for the best technologies currently available.

Thomas Roberts
VP Product & Development, Icomera


Icomera evaluated a number of connectivity products and found the Sierra Wireless embedded modules as the best cellular solution for consistent, reliable, and secure broadband connectivity. Additionally, the Sierra Wireless 3G and 4G modules provide remote management and real-time monitoring of the vehicle gateway solutions, as well as GPS tracking.

“Sierra Wireless is a front runner in its industry, as are we,” explained Thomas Roberts, VP Product & Development at Icomera. “Our product is agnostic and works with any type of technology, so we chose to work with companies that provide the best products for the best technologies currently available.”


Though Icomera previously experimented with external modems, the company turned to an embedded module for increased robustness and reliability. And with data transfer speeds of up to 300 Mbps, the Sierra Wireless 4G embedded modules provide increased efficiencies to Icomera customers who also use the mobile gateway systems for internal communication with staff and systems onboard their trains. One of Icomera’s largest customers is Virgin Trains East Coast in the UK, running passenger train services between London King’s Cross, the East Midlands, Yorkshire, the Northeast of England, and Scotland. With high-speed cellular and satellite connectivity, the company can offer new, value-added services to its customers – the passengers. With over 20 million passengers every year, the Virgin Trains East Coast line is one of the biggest transportation systems in Europe.

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