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IoT Connected Utilities and Smart Energy Solutions


LTE Applicability Across Functions, Technologies, and Geographies

The shift to cellular networks has transformed how utility companies manage assets, infrastructure and operations and serve their customers. The IoT provides them with the data and control needed to better monitor and manage supply, demand and grid operations.
Complete wireless connectivity

What are the Top IoT Use Cases for Connected Utilities?

Mobile Applications

Connected Utilities

With the IoT, utilities can extend the enterprise network to the field, turning the vehicle into a remote mobile office, and allowing all critical application to be run in and around the vehicle. With vehicle-ready I/O, GNSS location technology and inertial navigation systems, networking routers deliver detailed vehicle and location information – critical for field workers and central teams and fast response times.

Maximize response times especially after natural disasters

Track their fleets
hundreds of vehicles including bucket trucks

Keep workers safe
and track /report unsafe behavior

Reduce operating costs
linked to multiple cell plans, tracking platforms

Record work
at job site to protect from litigation

Remotely manage their fleet
to optimize usage and maintenance

Give field workers all the information
they need at their fingertips by connecting them to enterprise and enabling them to work in and around their vehicle


Fixed Applications

IoT solutions enable grid modernization and maximize business outcomes by providing the connectivity needed to connect grid equipment (reclosers, capacitor bank controllers, fault locators) to central /SCADA systems used to monitor real-time line condition, retrieve load data and interact with field equipment.

Reduce overhead and maintenance costs and streamline network operation

No two utilities have the exact same requirements. A private LTE solution allows you to support a wide variety of applications and use case scenarios as needed.

A growing number of utilities are transitioning to a private LTE network solution as they work to realize the potential of smart grid modernization and digital transformation initiatives, including smart meters, gas sensors, voltage regulators, distributed energy resources and new applications to connect remote sites and workers.

Smart Energy Solutions

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