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Build Efficient and Reliable IoT Smart Meters for Utilities

Be Prepared for the Future

A growing number of OEMs are upgrading their water and gas meters to support modernization and prepare for increasing demand in the future. Semtech can help your utility enhance operations using a fully integrated system of industrial smart meters, communications networks and data management systems.

Leverage the Power of IoT Smart Metering

Large-scale IoT smart meter solutions deployments are in place around the world, and growth is expected to continue among utilities for several reasons:

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Global Standards

Cellular connectivity standards have been in place for over 30 years, making it easy to develop global technology solutions that ensure minimal downtime.
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Tailored Technology

Continual evolution ensures cellular networks will continue to meet large-scale deployment needs while remaining compatible with existing systems.
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Proven Performance

Choose from a selection of systems with demonstrated success and reliability for better deployment, management and troubleshooting.
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Flexible Expansion

Choose whether to deploy an AMI without construction or maintenance, or establish your own custom network. Easily scale up to meet increasing demand.

Extend the Battery Life and Simplify the Deployment of Your Smart Metering Solution

Our development teams focus on ways to enhance development and simplify deployment by focusing on security, power and automation. We supply everything needed to develop, deploy and manage a secure IoT smart metering solution with cellular LPWA technology.

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Best-in-Class Power Performance

Extend the life of your battery-powered meters and reduce the cost of battery replacement truck rolls with our HL78 modules

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Built-in Connectivity with Optimized Coverage

Pre-integrated connectivity simplifies logistics, reduces coverage gaps, improves security and lowers cost

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One Point of Contact for Connectivity and Module Support

Prevent downtime and quickly resolve field issues with our 24/7/365 proactive network monitoring and direct relationship with carriers

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Most Comprehensive Set of Software API from Edge to Cloud

Speed development time and simplify integration with our single set of consistent API supporting multiple modes, architecture and protocols


Unlock the Potential of Smart Metering with Cellular LPWA

Deploying on a cellular network lets water and gas utilities quickly and cost-effectively achieve the benefits of AMI, including increased efficiency, enhanced security, and better customer experiences.

How to Build a Low Power, Secure Smart Metering Solution

Learn how to recapture lost revenue from leaks and reduce utility operating costs with a reliable and long-lasting solution that can be deployed securely and quickly.

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How Can I Protect My Smart Meter?

IoT Security

The only cellular IoT company with a comprehensive approach from device to network to cloud. We actively participate in industry standard working groups to enhance IoT security.

Our IoT smart meter solutions use mutual authentication to ensure only authorized devices gain access and encryption to protect data while in transit, and our additional security mechanisms include:

Secure boot to help devices resist attacks and infections from malware

Secure firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates to ensure update image legitimacy

Authentication Vectors to add extra protection to the mutual authentication process

Network security features like private APN and secure data centers to prevent data breaches

IoT Modules for Smart Meters

Discover our list of available LTE-M and NB-IoT modules that are specially designed for your smart meters.
HL78 modules

Connect with an IoT Expert

Have an expert help you choose an IoT solution that best fits your industry.

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