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Connected Lighting for Safer, Greener & Smarter Living

Outdoor lighting is among the most significant—and expensive—infrastructure assets owned by municipalities and utilities, often consuming up to half of a city’s total energy budget. As governments worldwide face public and regulatory pressure to become more energy efficient, many are finding that lighting is an area where the Internet of Things (IoT) can deliver immediate benefits.

Many cities are already replacing traditional luminaires with more energy-efficient LED light fixtures. These projects also create an opportunity to deploy wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions to enable connected public lighting. By centrally monitoring and controlling an intelligent network of outdoor LEDs, governments and their partners can:

  • Adjust lighting dynamically, for example, adding or reducing illumination at different times of day or in response to weather events
  • Improve safety by detecting outages faster, and increasing lighting in higher-crime areas or in response to emergencies
  • Dramatically lower power consumption and costs, with some cities realizing up to 80% energy savings
In addition, once cities have enabled connected lighting infrastructure, it can serve as the foundation for a wide range of other Smart City applications that improve safety, efficiency and quality of life. Connected outdoor lighting networks can provide a platform for digital signage systems, video surveillance, electric vehicle charging, public Wi-Fi and much more. Cities can begin to reimagine the way they think about their assets, and view them as opportunities to deliver new services and generate revenues, instead of just costs to be managed.

With its proven reliability, simple deployment and ubiquitous reach, cellular is an ideal technology to connect street lighting solutions. Sierra Wireless offers industry-leading cellular M2M technologies—intelligent wireless modules, gateways or programmable modems, a cloud platform, services and more—enabling connected street lighting initiatives around the world. We provide the complete device-to-cloud solution so that LED original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) providing control solutions and Central Management Software (CMS) providers can develop unified IoT infrastructure for lighting and other value-added smart city solutions, and to bring them to market faster.

The Cellular Advantage

  • Scalability: Cellular communication provide reliable connectivity that can scale from very low to high data throughput to support a wide range of public lighting applications. LED OEMs and CMS providers can scale their solutions to support everything from simple light dimming or inventory management use cases to more bandwidth-intensive applications like video surveillance and sensor monitoring. 
  • Ease of installation and maintenance: With cellular technology at the pole, there is no need for advanced installation expertise, complex initial surveys, or ongoing network maintenance. Just turn on the cellular node, and it immediately connects with the secure, reliable cellular network that’s already in place. 
  • Standardization: Once deployed, streetlights can remain in the field for decades. With cellular public lighting solutions, OEMs can build solutions based on global standards that will be supported for many years, instead of proprietary RF technologies that could become obsolete. 

Philips CityTouch Lights Up the Future

Philips CityTouch uses Sierra Wireless AirPrime® embedded wireless modules to provide connectivity for its LightWave remote lighting system. With reliable cellular connectivity embedded directly into LED outdoor fixtures, the solution provides a complete connected lighting system that can be installed in minutes. 

Installers just plug in the fixture, and the light instantly appears on the customer’s central CityTouch map. Operators can see the status and technical parameters of lights across the infrastructure at a glance, and remotely control lights in any area, individually or in groups. The intelligent system, combined with more efficient LED lighting, is helping cities reduce energy costs as much as 80%.

Sierra Wireless is supporting Philips CityTouch deployments around the world. And, because Sierra Wireless can provide pre-tested, pre-certified AirPrime modules from 2G to 4G LTE, Philips CityTouch will be able to scale the solution to virtually any new market in the future. 


Customer Story

Sogexi Gives Cities More Lighting Control and Efficiency

Sogexi, an industry innovator with 30 years experience in public lighting, builds solutions to help municipalities across Europe manage outdoor lighting remotely and efficiently. Sogexi uses Sierra Wireless AirLink® programmable modems in its lighting control platforms, which manages groups of outdoor lights connected via mesh networks. 

With hardened, reliable AirLink connectivity and AirVantage Management Service transporting lighting data through the cloud, Sogexi customers can monitor and control thousands of light fixtures remotely. For instance, they can configure lights to operate at lower capacity during late night and early morning hours, and during hours with minimal traffic. With this IoT intelligence, Sogexi customers are dramatically reducing maintenance and operations costs, and realizing energy savings of 40% or more. 

“The deployment of the Sogexi streetlight management system with Sierra Wireless programmable modems has allowed us to be proactive in our energy savings plan and maintenance efficiency. The real-time monitoring and reporting of outages provided by the AirVantage Cloud helps us to be proactive with maintenance, which improves overall safety for our citizens."

Dominique Colinot, Street Lighting Network Manager, City of Clermont-Ferrand

Any Architecture, Any Technology

Companies building connected outdoor lighting solutions typically choose from a small number of well-defined architectures:
  • Point-to-point cellular systems, where each lighting pole has its own cellular connection enabling fast, seamless installation and pole commissioning, and eliminating the need for RF gateways
  • RF mesh or power line communication (PLC) systems, where groups of lights are connected to nearby gateways over RF short-range radio networks or PLC, which in turn aggregate data for transport over cellular networks
  • Hybrid systems, where communication nodes at the fixture combine short-range RF radio for pole-to-pole communications and cellular for two-way communications with CMS platforms
Any of these approaches can provide an effective platform for innovative connected outdoor lighting solutions. Sierra Wireless supports all approaches with our intelligent M2M solutions and complete device-to-cloud IoT portfolio. We provide future-proof solutions that allow connected public lighting products to be designed and launched faster, and deployed and maintained more efficiently across communities. And we provide strong wireless security from the device to the cloud to protect data from security threats.

Sierra Wireless’ integrated device-to-cloud IoT solutions for smart cities include:

  • Embedded Solutions: Our embedded wireless modules are simple to integrate, easy to program, secure, have a global footprint and are scalable from 2G to 4G LTE. They are supported by easy-to-use development platforms and Sierra Wireless professional services to get solutions to market faster and reduce total product costs. AirPrime embedded modules feature built-in application processors, modems, and GNSS to reduce system complexity, save board space. And we provide open-source Linux-based platforms such as Legato®, which simplify and accelerate the development of IoT applications for connected outdoor lighting.
  • Gateway and Programmable Modems: We offer AirLink® gateways, programmable modems, management tools, and services for mission-critical deployments globally. They provide persistent connectivity, location-based services, and remote monitoring to increase operational efficiency and improve services.
  • Cloud and Connectivity Services: Our cloud services provide the simplest and most scalable way to securely store, retrieve, analyze, and integrate data to build new value in connected outdoor lighting and other Smart City applications.

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