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5G Brings Evolutionary and Disruptive Changes in the IoT

Like many other foundational elements of the tech landscape, 5G isn’t arriving in a “big bang” but as a series of waves. As with 3G and 4G, 5G is following a path to commercialization that reflects what’s easiest to deploy.

Offering lower latency, higher speed and capacity, 5G promises to enable a number of exciting applications.

Download the full infographic to learn:

  • Evolution from 2G to 5G
  • How 5G is coming in waves
  • 5G is creating new business opportunities and use cases
  • How to plan your path to 5G (5G LPWA, 5G NR Sub-6, 5G NR mmWave)
  • Things to consider when designing or deploying
  • Security and 5G

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