Home Automation

Service providers and OEMs are using the IoT to deliver sophisticated consumer-facing home automation solutions. With the ability to connect home surveillance cameras and security systems, lighting, thermostats and more to the cloud, they can give consumers deeper insight into and control over their environments, and unlock new recurring revenues.

Patient Monitoring

Hospitals, practitioners, and healthcare device manufacturers are using the IoT to keep patients remotely connected to healthcare providers and services. By tracking patient vital signs and health status indicators using connected healthcare devices, they are improving patient outcomes, enabling providers to serve more patients, and reducing hospital visits and lowering overall healthcare costs.


OEMs are developing smart apparel and accessories that keep consumers connected to IoT cloud intelligence no matter where they go. Drawing on the ubiquitous reach and proven security of mobile networks, solution providers can deliver revenue-generating fitness tracking, health and wellness monitoring and social network connectivity anytime, anywhere.

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