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Based in Europe, this medical device company was an early pioneer of automated blood gas analysis. Their machines, called blood analyzers, analyze blood samples on a range of parameters, and are used in hospitals around the world.

  • The company wanted to remotely monitor its blood analyzers so it could swiftly action on performance issues. 
  • As on-site IT networks are prone to outages and congestion, the company wanted cellular connectivity for its blood analyzers to ensure uninterrupted data transmission.
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  • Sierra Wireless’ gateway from AirLink® series, with AirLink Complete for device management


In order to ensure that its blood analyzers were working optimally inside hospitals, the company had to ensure that it was able to remotely monitor them. By receiving alerts from the blood analyzers, the company was able to troubleshoot technical and operational issues in a timely fashion. The challenge, however, lay in ensuring the continuity of these alerts – there was always the risk that the wired connectivity network in the hospital would experience congestion and outages, and the alerts would stop coming. In order to prevent downtime, the company had to ensure continued and uninterrupted connectivity.


Because the company did not want to rely on its clients’ IT systems to ensure that its blood analyzers were transmitting data back to its own backend system, it had to find a way to facilitate reliable cellular connectivity. 

Out-of-the-box Gateway: To this end, it chose a cellular gateway from Sierra Wireless’ AirLink® series to ensure that its blood analyzers were always connected. Because the gateway is an out-of-the-box solution, the company did not need to design special IoT hardware for machine connectivity. It was therefore able to save time and retrofit existing blood analyzers inside hospitals. Eventually, it used the gateway to connect approximately 2,000 blood analyzers being used in hospitals in Europe, Turkey, China and other parts of the world.

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Scalable device management: When your deployment is substantially large and spread across different parts of the world, device management can be considerably challenging. By choosing to go with AirLink, the company was also able to leverage a free one-year subscription to AirLink Complete. 

AirLink Complete layers AirLink Management Service (a cloud-based management device management solution) with round-the-clock technical support, enabling the company to monitor and upgrade thousands of its devices deployed in different parts of the world.

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Sierra Wireless is a trusted digital transformation partner for a wide range of medical device companies around the world. Learn more about how Sierra Wireless is enabling the Internet of Medical Things.

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