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Connecting fleets to the Cloud for safer, cleaner, more cost-effective operations

A growing emphasis on energy savings and safety in vehicle operations means fleet operators must achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) for their fleets while complying with more stringent government regulations. Factors such as fuel consumption, route management, driver performance and vehicle maintenance all play a part in this goal. Fortunately, advances in the wireless Internet of Things (IoT) are bringing new capabilities to fleet operators. Fleet management solutions can now take advantage of robust, mobile connectivity to deliver data and services that make fleet operations safer, greener, and more cost-effective. 

Data collected via connected services and solutions enable insights that provide fleet operators with a wide range of benefits over the lifetime of a fleet, from vehicle acquisition to final write-off. 

The latest fleet management solutions take advantage of the IoT to help fleet operators:

  • Comply with environmental and safety regulations 
  • Optimize maintenance and logistics for more efficient operations
  • Monitor and optimize routes, maintenance, driver behavior, and vehicle health (including tire pressure) to reduce fuel consumption 
  • Monitor driver performance and vehicle status for better safety 
  • Perform preventative maintenance to improve vehicle valuation

To achieve the best possible ROI from fleet management solutions, fleet operators need to equip vehicles with wireless technologies designed to support a fleet’s long lifecycle. Primary considerations include robust connectivity, scalability, and support for new revenue models.

OEMs, telematics service providers and IT departments developing solutions for connected fleet management must assess technologies carefully to ensure compatibility with existing and future standards, scalability, and ease of development and maintenance. 

Telematics devices need integrated SIMs and modules to connect reliably to the cellular networks, as vehicles move between mobile communication provider boundaries, rural and urban areas, and network boundaries for 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE. As cellular providers upgrade networks from 2G to 3G and 4G, these devices achieve the best coverage and scalability with SIMs and modules that remain compatible and don’t need to be swapped out in the field. 

IoT platforms can simplify development and software updates across several types of devices, and allow applications integration from a diverse range of solutions and service providers. Partner with wireless technology providers who offer platforms, cloud-based services, and bundling of connectivity services in order to gain the flexibility to integrate with any type of devices. Position for innovative future services while supporting flexible business models today.

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Leveraging the IoT Revolution in Fleet Management

Learn how to leverage IoT solutions in fleet management to make fleet operations safer, cleaner and more cost effective. 

Technology Overview

The most challenging aspect of fleet management solutions is that they require more than just machine-to-machine communications; they require highly-mobile and highly-reliable connectivity. Sierra Wireless offers end-to-end connectivity and security, a host of OEM and service provider partners, and expertise in large-scale wireless deployments.

Sierra Wireless modules, gateways, and platforms allow fleet management solution developers to focus on creating innovative services instead of worrying about connectivity issues. Fleet management solution providers and developers can count on Sierra Wireless for:

  • Embedded solutions: AirPrime® Modules address IoT complexities end-to-end to support the most sophisticated fleet applications. With a single form factor across 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies, our modules offer future-proof scalability across cellular networks and regions. And the smart series offers intelligence at the edge by partnering with the open source Legato® Linux platform and MangOH open hardware platform to simplify data collection and software development, eliminating the need for external application processors.
  • Networking Solutions, Routers and Gateways:  AirLink® gateways and management solutions enable organizations to connect and manage mobile workforces, branch offices and remote infrastructure, and InMotion Solutions™ provide flexibility for customers requiring access to multiple wide area and local area networks.  
  • SIMs, Connectivity and Cloud Services: Smart SIMs and Connectivity services can deliver a superior connectivity offering for your IoT deployments. Sierra Wireless cloud services provide the fastest and most scalable path to building innovative applications that collect, store, analyze, fleet management data. Cloud services accelerate time-to-market, reduce development risk, and lower deployment and maintenance costs. Multi-operator connectivity and ‘smart steering’ automatically select the best data connection for reliable, robust data transmission when vehicles are on the move. With multiple operator agreements deployed on a single smart SIM, global IoT deployments suddenly become much simpler.
  • Our AirVantage IoT Platform combines SIM & Connectivity management with over the air device management and a full fledged application enablement service. This combination of services provides all of the infrastructure you need to build, connect and operate your IoT application in a single platform. 
Sierra Wireless End-to-End solutions allow service providers to select flexible business models by bundling connectivity services with devices to support either CAPEX or OPEX models.

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