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Ready-to-Connect for Fleet

Tomorrow’s vehicles will be more than just transportation units, they will also be sensors, delivering critical data back to fleet managers who will use it to plan their operations. But to deliver this data in real-time, vehicles must connect remotely using IoT solutions like Sierra Wireless’ Ready-to-Connect. Watch this video to learn more.

Get all of these advantages with Ready-to-Connect for Fleet:

  • Simplified Management
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Integrated Security
  • Global Connectivity

You want your business to grow and evolve but you also want to remain efficient. This is especially important when it comes to the management of your assets. Fleet operators need to achieve maximum efficiency for their fleets while complying with increasingly strict environmental and safety regulations.  Fuel consumption, route management, driver performance and vehicle maintenance all play a part in this goal. You know you need a robust fleet tracking solution but it must have the capabilities you need to make it work for your business. There are a lot of standard fleet tracking systems available on the market but many OEM manufacturers need to build devices around their pre-existing solution and feed that system with data.  Fleet tracking now has the benefit of utilizing the internet of things to connect devices with applications in order to deliver the data and services that make fleet operations safer, greener and more cost effective. Some of the hurdles to building a fleet tracking system include long development times, managing multiple devices and SKUs and connectivity issues based on a large global rollout and deployment. With ready-to-connect, Sierra Wireless can provide you with a solution that allows you to avoid most of these hurdles. Ready-to-connect for fleet gives you a head start by providing a pre-connected module with integrated SIM that’s ready to connect with most of the inherent IoT technology already built-in, shortening the development cycle.

Other benefits of ready-to-connect for fleet include:

  • Accelerated time to market: Enhance security due to a single provider for Hardware SIM and cloud and connectivity service
  • Global deployment: Ready robust connectivity with multiple networks in over 160 countries around the world centralized device management allowing you to monitor and act on all sims and devices through a single platform
  • Reduce field support: Spend less time and money on after sales and troubleshooting instead focusing on data analytics and not problem solving.

Ready-to-connect for fleet can save you time money and valuable resources by reducing IOT product development time by 50%, maximizing ROI. You’ve already decided you need a viable fleet management system, so why not harness the latest innovation to assist in the development process. Start with Sierra today and learn more at

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