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Founded in 1999, Gosafe Company Limited is a leader in GPS fleet management products and services. The company started with a vision to develop and distribute hardware and software solutions that utilize existing wireless network infrastructures to provide web-based vertical applications to commercial customers as well as consumers. Its ability to adapt to a dynamic wireless industry has enabled it to enjoy substantial success in America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The company’s products are sold in over 100 countries around the world. 

  • Evolve 2G fleet management products to 4G
  • Minimize development time
  • Introduce product quickly to meet demand
  • One product design for any market on any technology reduces overall inventory cost and risk

Sierra Wireless Products & Services
  • HL Series for 4G connectivity


The vehicle telematics market is highly competitive, with companies regularly introducing new and innovative products and services to help fleet operators manage their fleets. To compete effectively in this market, suppliers have to be nimble, fast to market and price competitive. According to Markets and Markets,1 the global smart fleet management market size is expected to grow from $13.8B in 2017 to $28.6B by 2022. Driving this growth is the need for higher operational efficiencies. 

Gosafe provides a complete line of fleet management products that help their customers lower fleet operation costs. From preventing unauthorized vehicle use and fuel theft, to identifying lower performing vehicles and improving driver behavior, Gosafe’s goal is to ensure fleet owners have full visibility into the status of their fleets to optimize their use of these precious resources. 

Gosafe has a broad array of fleet products, and they evolve these to meet market needs. With the introduction of LTE networks, Gosafe wanted to update their GPS tracking product from 2G to 4G. 

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The pin-to-pin compatibility of the new 4G module meant we could complete integration of the module in weeks and get to market quickly.

Imran Khan
Director of Sales, Gosafe Company Ltd


Gosafe chose the Sierra Wireless HL Series based on pricing, technical support, brand, simplicity of use and compatibility. The existing GPS tracking product was already equipped with 2G connectivity, and adapting the product for LTE required very little development effort. “The pin-to-pin compatibility of the new 4G module meant we could complete integration of the module in weeks and get to market quickly,” said Imran Khan, Director of Sales for Gosafe. “We have had a great working relationship with the Sierra Wireless team, and their ability to provide technical support made our decision straight-forward.” 


With the new Gosafe product, fleet owners are able to see all the assets in their fleets in real time and make better decisions to optimize these scarce resources. “We are proud that we can now offer our customers the complete array of solutions – 2G, 3G and LTE. We can help our customers achieve operational savings that can translate to higher profit margins,” explained Mr. Khan. 

Gosafe customers can know the exact location of an asset or vehicle. They can determine who the driver is and ensure the vehicle is being operated in a safe manner. Knowing the status and location of vehicles and being able to manage their routes leads to fuel savings, and vehicle diagnostics reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Being able to plan routes more effectively makes the whole fleet more productive and improves service to the end customer. 

The company is also helping their customers with stolen vehicle recovery. Gosafe products can be installed in a way that makes them impossible to detect by criminals. When a vehicle is stolen, it can be tracked and traced. At lower speeds, the vehicles can then be immobilized, and the hood can be locked to prevent manual starting. Having a vehicle equipped with this capability helps reduce insurance costs.

  1. Fleet Management Market worth 28.66 Billion USD by 2022.’ Available at: Accessed November 2018.

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