Danish Defence Relies on AirLink®MP70 to Coordinate International Military Operations

Danish Defence is the unified forces of the Royal Danish Army, Navy, Air Force and Home Guard, charged with the defence of the Kingdom of Denmark - Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Its mission is to prevent conflicts and wars, uphold the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark and promote peaceful development in the world.

Business Challenge

In preparation for international missions, Danish Defence sends military forces through intensive training programs, typically in locations where the climate is similar to the deployment region. To support missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, Danish forces are first deployed to a training camp in a desert. This training ground is located far from populated areas and, as is typical in remote areas, the coverage of mobile broadband is scarce, making it a challenge to keep a stable line of communication.

Sierra Wireless Mobile Networking Solution

Danish Defence tested several solutions that didn’t satisfy their needs. DeltaM2M – a highly experienced Sierra Wireless reseller - recommended the AirLink® MP70 to Danish Defence. The MP70 is a rugged mobile router that complies with MILSPEC standards and supports a wide temperature range. temperatures from - 30oC up to +70oC. A key requirement for Danish Defence was having valid and relevant references for the product, and Sierra Wireless and DeltaM2M could point to several customers using the product for similar applications in similar conditions.

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