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Resource Topics: Public Safety

Introduce the concept of Hybrid Cloud management - a solution that combines the scalability and cost-effectiveness of cloud technology with the security controls of on-premise infrastructure.
Edge Device Management: Harnessing the Power of Hybrid Cloud
Dive into the potential of private networks. With the market set to grow from $2.5B in 2022 to $21.8B by 2030, discover the power of private cellular networks.
Private Networks - Unlocking The Potential
Deploying a private cellular network can be a daunting task, but you don't have to do it alone. At Sierra Wireless, we've teamed up with world-class OEMs and system integrators to simplify the complexity.
Deploying a Private Cellular Network - Where to Start?
Work with our partners to identify operational goals and choose the technology that will achieve those goals.
Leverage Sierra Wireless Partners for Success
Ruggedized design, always-on connectivity and the right support services help ensure that you have the best solution available to get the job done. See why first responders and public safety agencies rely on Sierra Wireless when disaster strikes.
When Disaster Strikes – First Responders and Public Safety Agencies Rely on Sierra Wireless Ruggedized Routers
Learn how IT solutions are transforming connectivity for public safety – from the rollout of 5G to the integration of AI, Video and Voice Communications to deliver access to mission critical information.
How to Keep Communities Safer with Connected Mobile Solutions
This white paper explains how a common flexible form factor can help designers create cost-effective, easy-to-scale IoT innovations. Download the white paper.
White paper
Swap In, Swap Out: Use Form Factor to Future-Proof Your IoT Design
With our advanced technology and Sierra Wireless 5G modules, we’ve developed physical security solutions ideal for industries and military installations that don’t want to constantly monitor. Learn more today!
Customer Story
Critical Infrastructure Security
Watch this webinar and discover the current state of public-safety technologies and operational workflows and the benefits of VAN connected mobile solutions for agencies and communities.
Connected Mobile Solutions Transforming Public Safety Agencies
Learn how the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department replaced their in-vehicle routers across the fleet while maintaining the integrity of the dispatch system.
Customer Story
LASD Makes Smooth Transition To New Technology While Ensuring Deputy Safety

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