Improving Emergency Response for a Leader in Emergency Medicine

Acadian Ambulance Service transports more than 1,000 patients every day across its vast and diverse service footprint that includes urban and suburban areas, the remote swamps of Louisiana’s bayou, and offshore oil rigs in the open Gulf of Mexico. Acadian has dispatch centers in Lafayette, Louisiana and Austin, Texas.

Business Challenge

Acadian’s sprawling footprint poses many communications and management challenges for first responders. For years, Acadian relied on a private analog radio network to communicate with units in the field. But as the company grew and deployed increasingly sophisticated and bandwidth-intensive dispatch systems and on-board medical devices, Acadian needed a mobile communications solution with greater capabilities and reliability.

Sierra Wireless InMotion Solution

In January 2008, Acadian piloted three oMGs. Crews saw immediate and dramatic results. Dispatches, emergency communications and patient information were transmitted and received instantaneously and reliably. Network congestion, dead zones and bandwidth limitations no longer hindered emergency communications.

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