Simplify Industrial IoT

By pairing Sierra Wireless Octave with Microsoft Azure IoT Central, companies can accelerate their time to market while reducing project complexity and risk.

Octave + Microsoft Azure IoT Central provide a complete edge-to-cloud solution to deploy intelligent and reliable industrial IoT device connectivity, allowing manufacturers to securely manage, extract, orchestrate, and act on all their asset data. Simplify your Industrial IoT project by using Octave's scalability and flexibility in conjunction with the industry-leading security and customizable dashboards of Microsoft Azure. Together, they reduce the complexity of customizing, deploying and scaling industrial IoT solutions, bringing fully-connected solutions to market faster and more cost effectively.

How We Simplify IoT Development With Octave + Microsoft Azure

Before Now

✗   Implementation cycles are long

✓   Faster time to value

✗   Embedded software development required

✓   All-in-one solution

✗   End-to-end security architecture

✓   Scalable globally

✗   Deep knowledge of cellular LPWA required

✓   Build IoT from the cloud, no embedded software expertise required

✗   Unpredictable business case

✓   Out-of-the-box, end-to-end security

✗   Scaling globally is difficult

✓   Cellular LPWA optimized

✗   Devices need to be certified on a country-by-country basis

✓   Cellular LPWA optimized

Octave's integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Central allows companies to bypass the technical complexities associated with acquiring their industrial asset data and leveraging it on the cloud. Finally, companies can stop worrying building and scaling their IIoT infrastructure and focus on what matters most - the data about their business. Check out our infographic to learn more.

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Unlock Your IIoT Potential

Simplify Your IoT Journey

from the edge to the cloud by seamlessly sending sensor data into Microsoft Azure IoT Central. By pairing Octave with Microsoft Azure IoT Central, you get a pre-built, out-of-the-box IIoT infrastructure, so you can finally focus on data from your industrial assets, instead of building your IIoT infrastructure from scratch.

Give Your Developers Full Control

over your IIoT application - from the edge to the cloud. Empower your developers to write and change data processing rules at the edge using JavaScript and other programming languages that they are already comfortable with.

Connect to LPWA Cellular Networks

globally without having to certify devices or manage multiple data plans. Accelerate your IIoT application's time-to-market, going from a proof-of-concept to a commercially available Industrial IoT solution.

Richardson Asset Monitoring Bundle

The FX30S-AZR-0101

The FX30S-AZR-0101 is a complete edge-to-cloud solution based on Sierra Wireless Octave and Microsoft Azure IoT Central. Available exclusively from Richardson RFPD, it offers quick, easily deployable, intelligent and reliable industrial IoT device connectivity, allowing companies to securely manage, extract, orchestrate and act on asset data.

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Get Started with Octave + Microsoft Azure

Scaling from an Industrial IoT application proof of concept to a commercial deployment has never been so easy, or so fast. Start with Sierra to de-risk your deployment with a scalable, flexible and easy to operate solution built with the data orchestration knowledge gained from 25 years of IoT experience.

Thank you for your interest in Octave and Microsoft Azure. A sales representative will contact you shortly.
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