Working with our customers, we empower businesses to reimagine their future and make it easy to connect devices to data, enabling real-time and accurate insights. With our global reach, deep vertical expertise and long partnerships, customers know they can Start with Sierra for secure technology solutions.
Sierra Wireless Smart SIM
Sierra Wireless Smart SIM

Connecting fleets to the Cloud for safer, cleaner, more cost-effective operations.

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Public Safety - Icon
Public Safety

Putting new tools in the hands and vehicles of law enforcement and first responders, so they can act faster and more effectively.

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IoT Connectivity - Icon
IoT Connected Economy

Keeping retailers open for business.

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IoT Innovation
AI & Virtualization

Stay ahead of trends and faster time to innovation.

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Open Source - Icon
Open Source

Don't start from scratch - transform with Sierra.

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Industrial IoT - Icon
Industrial IoT

Power your intelligent supply chain.

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Sierra Wireless offers a mature platform, and stability and reliability are important in financial applications.

Manoel Eci Ferreira, Jr. Research and Development Manager for Hardware and Software, Gertec

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They’ve helped us reduce risk in several ways, from rapid execution and delivery to reliable connectivity and easy expansion.

Chris Gnanakone, Founder and CEO Nube, Mexico

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Lifesaving technologies Start with Sierra. Artificial intelligence adjusts driver behavior before accidents occur

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With the Sierra Wireless embedded modules & Smart SIM, we can deploy our cellular solution to anywhere in world.

Samir Badia, Program Manager, Sentient

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