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LPWA technologies

We have been actively shaping the LPWA discussions within the 3GPP standards body since 2010. LPWA technologies open up new low-bandwidth IoT applications for cellular including many industrial, smart city, smart home, and agriculture applications.

The drivers behind the adoption of this new technology are what we refer to as the 4Cs:

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Reducing the R&D and operational costs associated with cellular-enabled IoT applications

Limited-Battery-Life-of-Remote-Devices-in-the-Field icon


Lowering the power of IoT applications to enable 10+ years of battery life

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Extending cellular connectivity into underground spaces, building and rural environments

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Increasing the number of connected devices that can transmit data in a condensed area

Two leading LPWA technologies

Today there are two leading LPWA technologies that are rolling out now with network operators globally that are expected to have over 690M connected devices on them in the next 5 years:

LTE-M (eMTC), supporting up to 350kbps data rates, voice, roaming, and ideal for real-time fixed or mobile applications.

NB-IoT, supporting up to 65kbps data rates and ideal for simpler static sensor applications.

View infographic and white papers below for more information on LPWA.

Devices from Semtech (formerly Sierra Wireless)

HL78 module

LPWA Modules

The HL78 series of modules offer ultra low power, high transmit power and added security for your devices connecting to Cat-M and NB-IoT networks across the globe.

LX40 with FirstNet icon

AirLink® LX40

The AirLink® LX40 is a compact LTE router offering “out-of-the box” LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity that is simple to install. The LPWA (Low-Power Wide Area) variant is great for applications where low data rates, enhanced cellular coverage and global deployment are required.

LX60 Router

AirLink® LX60

The AirLink® LX60 provides LTE connectivity and Wi-Fi for primary and secondary/backup retail applications including ATMs, kiosks, and POS terminals. The LPWA (Low-Power Wide Area) variant is perfectly suited for low data rate industrial IoT applications.

Liveable Cities Enables Smart City Traffic Management Via Street Light Infrastructure

Liveable Cities wanted to design a solution that would allow cities to monitor speed of traffic and reduce accidents and congestion, while leveraging existing street lighting infrastructure for Smart City application.

Card-CS-Liveable Cities

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