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We help you deploy smart energy solutions that are simple, scalable, and secure. Only Sierra Wireless offers an integrated device-to-cloud platform, and the expertise to help you address challenges such as:

How is the grid performing?

Where is energy being produced and consumed?

What additional efficiencies are possible?

Where do we need preventive maintenance?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is Accelerating the Transformation to Smart Energy

Stricter enforcement of environmental and energy efficiency regulations, non-traditional competition, and changing consumer demands are behind major trends in the energy sector that are driving utilities to move away from conventional one-way delivery models.

To comply with requirements to reduce carbon footprints and improve efficiency, utilities are investing in distributed power generation and integration with renewable energy sources. Yet governments are not the only ones insisting on adding renewable energy sources to the grid; environmentally-aware consumers want more control over their energy consumption choices, including the option to produce their own energy and the flexibility to sell any surplus back to the utility. This requires utilities to shift to a two-way delivery and consumption model.


Demystifying LTE and Cellular IoT Technology for Utility Companies

Discover how LTE cellular networks can help improve grid intelligence, operations and data management and explore the future evolution of connected IoT for utilities.

To address these challenges, the energy sector must take a new approach. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows utilities to connect all their energy assets via wireless technologies to create smart energy ecosystems that integrate smart meters, smart power grids, storage and distribution facilities, power generation, and operations. The IoT enables new solutions such as:

  • Distributed power generation that integrates renewable power sources, optimizes power generation with forecasting and streamlining production, and incorporates consumer-generated energy
  • Automated distribution that improves grid and utilization, monitors events and alarms, and reduces energy theft
  • Smart meters that deliver data to enable efficient energy management and encourage better consumer behaviors
  • Dynamic load balancing and reducing peak consumption
  • Self healing grids that manage recovery systems in case of outages or black-outs

Utilities and solution providers for smart energy systems can choose from a wide range of cellular technologies that meet different communication and intelligence requirements for assets ranging from endpoint devices to substations. Bandwidth, latency, memory, network coverage, and life cycle are all factors, but always adopt standards-based technologies to ensure interoperability, ease of provisioning, and scalability.

Sierra Wireless brings more than 20 years’ experience in the energy and utilities sector. We offer the broadest portfolio of wireless solutions, from mission-critical modules to an integrated device-to-cloud platform. Our IoT solutions help you build and manage an ecosystem that transforms your traditional energy business to one that’s ready to take advantage of opportunities in Smart Energy.

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See how the IoT is transforming the energy industry

Reduce carbon footprints, improve distribution, and integrate renewable energy options. Implement two-way delivery and consumption models.

Start with Sierra, stay with Sierra and build your future in the Internet of Things.

Sierra Wireless is the #1 global cellular module supplier with more than 15 years’ experience in the energy and utilities sector. Our IoT solutions help you build and manage a network that connects smart power grids, smart meters, power generation, consumption, and storage and distribution facilities. Move to flexible new business models that leverage the IoT to collect data, optimize power generation and storage, improve distribution, and integrate renewable energy sources.

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