Utah Transit Authority Improves Operations and the Passenger Experience for 2 million residents

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) provides public transportation services in a 1,600-square mile service area known as the Wasatch Front. At the foot of the Wasatch mountain range, the Wasatch Front has an estimated 2 million residents - 80 percent of Utah’s entire population. During the 2002 Olympic Games, UTA vehicles carried more than 4 million passengers and was declared a great success.

Business Challenge

UTA’s approach to technology has always been to define their needs, and then to find or build the best solution. UTA had onboard computers in its transit vehicles that provided operators with information about schedules and routes. All buses feature an electronic fare payment system and express buses feature passenger Wi-Fi. As UTA began to deploy more sophisticated ITS technology across its fleet, they recognized the need to upgrade their mobile communications capabilities.

Sierra Wireless InMotion Solution

Over a 6 month period, UTA installed over 500 oMGs in their fixed route transit fleet. “Our collaborative working relationship helped when we were trying to meet such an aggressive schedule. The InMotion Solutions team stepped up to the plate and worked closely with our team to ensure success. In the process, we identified product features and enhancements we needed, and the development team was open to changes and able to meet our needs.”

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