Connected Traffic Signal Systems Reduce Congestion and Costs for Sonoma County Taxpayers

Situated between San Francisco Bay and Northern California, Sonoma County is home to almost half a million residents. The county is over 1500 square miles of natural resources, wineries and tourist destinations.  Over 26 departments provide a full range of services to the community.

Business Challenge

Each of Sonoma County’s traffic intersections are “hard-wired” to county’s operations using landlines. This wasn’t without its challenges, and proved increasingly unreliable with breakdowns every few days. 

Sierra Wireless Remote Monitoring Solution

The county was able to configure the RV50 out of the box, and received some helpful support from USAT for the VPN configuration. They got the system activated in one day, and now have a solution which not only provides uninterrupted connectivity, but notifies them of problems like polling errors.

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