Oklahoma Natural Gas trusts AirLink® Gateways to Monitor 17,000 miles of pipeline

Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG), founded in 1906, is one of the oldest corporations in the state of Oklahoma. The company employs more than 1100 and serves over 847,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers. It services over 21,000 miles of distribution mains, and is a trusted and reliable supplier of energy and natural gas to the citizens of Oklahoma.

Business Challenge

When the Office of Pipeline Safety issued a mandate in December 2003 requiring natural gas pipeline operators to develop integrity management programs (IMP) for gas transmission pipelines, ONG was ahead of the curve. The company had already started addressing the need to revise the complex and costly process of checking 900 sites each month.

To implement the new IMP programs manually, ONG estimated that it would need to hire 90 technicians. They would also need to supply vehicles and cover mileage and other travel expenses, creating a recurring annual expenditure of over $5M. The costs and time required for this process led ONG to seek a solution that would enable remote monitoring without any additional recurring costs.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

ONG implemented an asset management solution that included a Sierra Wireless AirLink Gateway, a rugged communications device specifically designed to handle remote asset management applications for utility management. With capabilities like remote monitoring and configuration, packet-level diagnostics and over-the-air software updates, the gateway provides the always-on and always-aware connection management required for today’s mission-critical applications. Certified as Class I, Division II, the AirLink gateway is rated intrinsically safe and suitable for use in hazardous environments.

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