IoT deployments are fundamentally different than roaming smartphones, so why continue to use SIMs and connectivity services that leave your service disconnected with expensive resolution costs? The Sierra Wireless Smart SIM and Connectivity Service deliver multi-operator coverage, superior data service quality, and resilience to outages, whether your application is global, regional or local. It is also one of the first to support the new GSMA eSIM/eUICC specification for remote operator provisioning critical to many new IoT use cases. 

The Sierra Wireless Smart SIM is specifically designed for mission critical mobile and fixed IoT use cases. When combined with our world class AirVantage IoT Platform, you can quickly and easily deploy and support global IoT implementations.

Features and Benefits
Multiple-Operator Connectivity means best in class coverage
  • Mobile devices spend more time connected and less time searching for networks
  • Fixed devices are more likely to receive service even when deep inside buildings
  • All devices benefit from improved up-time
Smart, resilient SIM means superior data service quality
  • Devices always receive service from the best available network, not the MNO preferred partner
  • Devices are more quickly moved to another network when outages occur or white zones are encountered.
  • Devices are protected against data connection termination  with the automated detection and re-connection logic in the SIM.
Unlock new IoT use cases and maximize flexibility with eSIM/eUICC operator independence
  • Remotely provisioning new operator subscriptions for long-lifespan machines.
  • Simplify globally connected products by remotely provisioning the best subscription after field delivery.
Learn about the Sierra Wireless Smart SIM with eUICC support
Calculate your ROI

Calculate Your IoT Connectivity ROI

Quantify the ROI of your IoT deployment and achieve two main objectives:

  • Save money on existing operations
  • Launch new revenue streams
Managed by Our AirVantage IoT Platform

The Sierra Wireless SIM is managed by our world-class AirVantage IoT Platform. You have everything you need to manage your fleet of SIMs and operate a truly global IoT deployment at your fingertips.

Learn more about the AirVantage IoT Platform

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“Now we are a quantum leap ahead after deploying thousands of Smart SIM’s immediately without any complications and with a seamless customer experience. We are impressed with the efficiency of the Sierra Wireless and their infrastructure.”

- Mark Canning, Director of Product and Services Integration, In Car Cleaverness

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“Sierra Wireless is actively supporting this project. They have helped our software development efforts, introduced us to key partners, reviewed our designs and helped us choose the right technologies to future-proof our product.”

- Pia Lozano, Co-Founder, Okio

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“The Sierra Wireless Smart SIM allowed us to enter the residential market.”

- Clive Mason, Managing Director, VDT Direct Ltd

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