AirLink® Managed Network Service

A new subscription-based solution for First Responders that combines an in-vehicle router with FirstNet™ connectivity, proactive service management, and 24/7/365 technical support.

Secure FirstNet Connectivity for Those Who Protect and Serve

Public safety organizations are increasingly leveraging technology to keep the public and their employees safe. When first responders are reacting to an emergency, they need to feel confident that the technology backing them up is working. Unfortunately, many public safety organizations do not have the resources or the technical expertise to confidently implement, manage and maintain a wireless solution. And the high capital cost of purchasing equipment can be prohibitive.

Sierra Makes It Easy to Connect

AirLink® Managed Network Service is a subscription solution that combines an in-vehicle router with FirstNet connectivity, proactive device and connectivity management, and 24/7/365 technical support - for one low monthly fee. Agencies with smaller capital budgets and few technical resources can quickly and easily implement safe and secure vehicle area networks with FirstNet access by outsourcing service management and support to the experts at Sierra Wireless.

AirLink® Managed Network Service provides:

A Budget-Friendly Solution
No CapEx required. Our subscription (OPEX) model makes it easy for organizations with limited capital to purchase in-vehicle routers and access FirstNet.

An Expertly Managed Service
Sierra Wireless not only provides ready-to-connect hardware but proactively manages the solution, including devices and connectivity.

A Single Point of Contact
Sierra Wireless is the single point of contact for anything related to the service, including operations, technical support, and billing.

Industry-Leading Security
With more than 20 years of IoT security experience, Sierra Wireless empowers enterprises to implement security best practices and realize a more secure future in the connected world.

Worry-free FirstNet Deployments

AirLink® Managed Network Service minimizes upfront costs, simplifies management and support, and reduces operational risk. Purpose-built to meet the needs of first responders, public safety agencies and the extended response community, this service delivers a single, integrated, pre-tested solution with built-in FirstNet connectivity from AT&T.

It includes:

An AirLink MP70 router

Device Management, Connectivity Management and Technical Support by Sierra Wireless

Service Management

Sierra Wireless will monitor your deployed devices to ensure they operate at peak performance and that connectivity is maintained. Our experts will:

Customize alerts to suit your business and operational requirements

Monitor device health and performance

Remotely manage the software and firmware updates to keep devices up to date

Monitor connectivity performance and usage

Provide you a monthly summary report

If there are any challenges Sierra Wireless will directly troubleshoot the devices and work with AT&T technical support for a resolution.

Lower Costs. Simplify Operations. Reduce Risk.

With one point of contact for support and one invoice to process every month, you can deploy our state-of-the-art routers while simplifying your operations and reducing costs. Peace of mind has never been so easy.

Service Level
FirstNet Connectivity
Sierra Wireless Gateway Owned
Default Device Warranty (3 years)
Extended Warranty* (up to 5 years)
Device Management – Monitoring, Usage & Alerts
Connectivity Management – Monitoring, Usage & Alerts
Firmware & Security Updates
Monthly Email Report
Sierra Wireless Customer Care
Device Troubleshooting
Connectivity Troubleshooting

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