The solution provides information that helps personnel make smarter, more effective decisions so that law enforcement teams can spend less time monitoring offenders and more on preventing and solving crimes. Agencies can ease stress on staff while increasing public safety, reduce recidivism and cut costs. Some Omnilink customers have reported a cost of as little as a few dollars per day.

Remote tracking reduces recidivism rates, incarceration rates and therefore the need for additional prison capacity. Plus, the ongoing costs are significantly lower when compared to the expense, human resources, and stress of providing for incarceration.

Use Cases

Omnilink is an IoT-enabled electronic monitoring solution that offers benefits to any public safety/law enforcement agency that needs to keep track of non-violent, pretrial or repeat offenders by reducing the need for direct personal supervision and incarceration. With 24/7 tracking, customizable zoning and geofencing, and a friendly user interface, the solution benefits agencies in many situations.


Omnilink Multiple Locations Graphic

Pretrial Offenders

Electronic monitoring relieves the prison system of the costs of jailing non-violent offenders awaiting trial. With the assurance of 24/7 monitoring and geolocation, law enforcement agencies have a viable alternative to pretrial incarceration. Using geo-fencing technology, agencies can configure inclusion and exclusion zones, boundary zones and time zones to limit and control offender movements.

Crime Scene Correlation

The solution provides historical location data of each offender several times an hour. When integrated with a department’s records management system, police can compare offender data with crime reports to determine if any persons of interest were in the vicinity. This saves time by narrowing the field of potential suspects and identifying potential witnesses near the scene of the crime.

Curfew Programs

Constant remote monitoring of individuals means agencies can minimize the need to send out patrol officers for in-person visits to offenders. Two-way communication allows program officers to contact offenders with beeps or vibrations and for the offender to acknowledge, making it possible for agencies to expand the reach of their offender curfew programs while monitoring and enforcing curfews more effectively.

Keeping Communities Safe While Reducing Overcrowded Jail Populations

As governments work to cope with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, overcrowding in state and local jails is presenting a significant public safety challenge. The OM500 ankle bracelet enables authorities to reliably monitor low-risk inmates who are released temporarily in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus due to overcrowding.


  • Improve productivity quickly with easy-to-learn and easy-to-use software interface.
  • Improve both effectiveness and efficiency with customized geofencing.
  • Allow personnel to act on alerts anytime, anywhere with the flexibility to use any device at the office or on patrol.
  • Improve response time with customized alerts that allow officers to take pre-emptive action.
  • Reduce recidivism and repeat offenses when individuals know they are being tracked and monitored.

The Omnilink Solution

The Omnilink offender monitoring solution comprises ankle-worn electronic monitoring devices and the award-winning FocalPoint™ application software, all fully-integrated from device-to-cloud, connected through a secure, wireless network.

The ankle bracelet collects location points for each offender and uploads the location data to the FocalPoint application. The web-based application presents data, maps, and alerts which allow agencies to track offenders 24/7, receive and manage alerts from desktops, tablets, or smartphones.

To implement Omnilink:

For law enforcement agencies straining to meet operational, public safety and PR goals, Omnilink offers an instantly-productive solution that enables you to optimize limited resources and accurately track the offenders under your care.

White Paper

How Victim Safety First Uses the Latest Electronic Offender Monitoring Technology

The Omnilink OM500 is a next-generation electronic offender monitoring device that addresses many of the challenges law enforcement, probation and parole, and victim safety agencies have traditionally experienced with electronic monitoring equipment. This white paper explores how this technology is used by Victim Safety First in domestic violence cases.

Solution Components


Robust and reliable wireless communication is essential if 24/7 monitoring is to deliver timely, accurate, and actionable data. Omnilink’s ankle-worn EM device minimizes false alerts due to poor coverage by using both GPS and cellular signals for overlapping coverage of indoor/underground locations or areas with poor GPS coverage. Omnilink also offers Onmilink's optional RF beacon connectivity to provide even more precise location data.


Sierra Wireless manufactures, installs and supports the electronic monitoring application and ankle-worn device. The device tracks the wearer, uploads data to the application and allows two-way communication through vibrations and sounds. The Omnilink software is an electronic monitoring application designed to simplify offender tracking. The software is easy to navigate and customizable to an agency’s specific situations, making offender tracking and management convenient, efficient, and simple.

Installation & Field Service 

Contact us about installation, training, and field service for Omnilink devices. Sierra Wireless brings decades of proven IoT expertise and global experience to your deployments. We also provide additional services such as technical support, professional services, and live monitoring where indicated.

Sierra Wireless’ offender monitoring devices are versatile, one-piece, GPS/cellular ankle bracelets with 2-way communication.

OM500 Electronic Monitoring Device

  • The OM500 is a next generation, lightweight but robust ankle-worn monitoring device that uses GPS and cellular networks for accurate, remote monitoring of offenders under house arrest. The latest in Omnilink's line of innovative offender monitoring devices, the OM500 has been re-designed to add these new features: rapid charge, fast LTE connectivity, improved tamper detection features, and a new lightweight, compact design.
  • The OM500 pairs with Omnilink’s optional RF Beacon to extend battery life and precisely verify in-home locations.

See OM500

Sierra Wireless - OMM400

Getting Started

Learn how Omnilink can efficiently track and monitor offenders. Contact our solution specialists to get estimates on potential savings and operational efficiencies. With no upfront hardware costs and a solution that’s easy to deploy and use, you’ll experience benefits right away.

Sierra Wireless is a member of the Charlotte Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (CCPA) which allows participating agencies the ability to procure offender tracking equipment at a competitive price without the cost of a traditional RFP process.

Participation in CCPA will provide your entity the legally required competition for contracts on commonly purchased products and services. To participate in the program, simply submit a Participation Form. For more information on the Charlotte Cooperative Purchasing Alliance visit their website at

White Paper

Electronic Monitoring for Pretrial Offenders

One of the best ways law enforcement can achieve significant time and cost savings is by using offender tracking technologies, also known as electronic monitoring (EM) tools, for tracking nonviolent, pretrial or repeat offenders.

How to Buy

Learn how our advanced technology can optimize the monitoring and tracking of offenders. Contact our solution specialists to request a free trial or consultation.

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