With Acculink Cargo, companies can now target not only where an asset is, but how it’s doing, and if it is in its original state. Acculink can monitor critical events like temperature, shock, vibration, light, and motion. This enables shippers to understand the location of their cargo and other assets in near real-time- enabling quick and decisive action should a change in scheduling, an event of loss or theft, or an update in state of being occur.

Building a solution to wirelessly track and monitor assets, with cellular connectivity, as well as the goods they contain, can be complex and so can its ongoing maintenance. That’s why we offer Acculink Cargo as a fully-integrated, end-to-end managed service that is fast and easy to deploy, with minimal start-up costs, backed by decades of IoT experience from the global leader of IoT solutions, services, and applications.

Acculink Cargo enables these value added benefits:

  • Reduce time and effort spent locating assets
  • Increase accuracy of information needed for business intelligence
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce inventory and returnable asset loss (cargo, containers)
  • Benefit from keen insight into how an asset is doing, not just location data
Use Cases

Asset tracking focuses on giving companies visibility into where, what, and how assets are deployed. By tracking and monitoring these assets through a web-based application, managers can make smarter, more timely decisions based on facts. This type of business intelligence drives performance and creates significant competitive advantages.

Cargo and Freight Tracking

Companies ship millions of bins, crates, and pallets across the country annually. This cargo can include virtually anything of value that needs to be tracked. When shipping these high value assets from one location to another, they need constant visibility on the status of their valuable cargo, which can be prone to theft and damage, or sensitive to temperature changes, shock and vibration.

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Mobile Asset Tracking

Thieves target construction equipment and other valuable assets because of their very high resale value. And this theft is costly due to insurance increases as well as equipment replacement. In addition, theft can cause serious delays to the completion of the construction project, which could mean missed deadlines and even the loss of a customer.

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Cold Chain Integrity

When transporting temperature-sensitive cargo, it’s imperative for carriers to maintain precise temperature controls throughout the cold chain in order to maintain the integrity of loads. As pressures mount for the refrigerated transportation industry, companies need to ensure complete visibility of cargo and maintain adequate temperature levels.

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In the context of the pharmaceutical supply chain, track and trace is the process of determining a drug's current and past locations. Tracking these drugs throughout their journey, and then tracing them back up the supply chain upon return or recall is a critical process. Also, some drugs must maintain certain temperatures and are prone to theft and tampering.

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Electronics are sensitive to vibration, shock and external damage from weather. It’s critical that these sensitive pallets of goods are not damaged, tampered with, or stolen. Tracking this cargo and keeping it safe is of primary importance to shippers and manufacturers of computers, televisions, and other highly sensitive cargo.

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Keeping food chilled, frozen or at a certain temperature is paramount when shipping this delicate cargo across the country. Temperature sensors allow for these sensitive shipments to be monitored throughout their journey and a constant desired temperature maintained. This also prevent loss and can save shippers in loss of revenue from food going bad during its journey.

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Heavy Equipment

IoT-enabled tracking solutions allow construction equipment companies to increase productivity, lower maintenance costs, eliminate security concerns, and improve worker safety. Further, monitoring these assets can prevent underutilization of equipment, help locate missing or stolen assets and prevent misuse of vehicles and equipment.


How the IoT Enables Mobile Asset Tracking

Tracking assets as they move though the supply chain is a huge advantage for businesses. But generating real-time data on mobile assets is hard, due to:

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Sierra Wireless managed solutions are fully-integrated from device to cloud to deliver accurate, timely visibility into the location of all high-value assets. The specialized devices work seamlessly with applications, and all applications offer web-based interfaces that allow users to access information from PCs, tablets, or smartphones. Advanced analytics deliver reports and visualizations specifically designed for each vertical industry.

To Implement Acculink Asset Tracking

The devices monitor the asset’s critical metrics and send data to the application via cellular or satellite communication, depending on the devices and network implemented. The application uses this data to manage assets and present information via a friendly web interface that highlights problems and potential bottlenecks; an integrated mapping function makes it easy to visualize materials movement.

Software Application

Acculink Cargo application provides these major value-added benefits:

  • Real time shipment tracking with milestones/temperatures
  • Route definition with max dwell & transit times
  • Real time locations and delivery exceptions
Acculink Application

The 3 major components to the Acculink Cargo tracking application are:

  • Establish Supply Chain Visibility
    Record, monitor, store, and visualize temperatures using wireless BLE tags and hubs, automating lane oversight with delivery exceptions.
  • Obtain Business Insights
    Active recording, monitoring, and storage of location information and environmental sensor conditions.
  • Actionable Logistics Intelligence
    Mitigating risk with exception analytics, notifications, and collaboration.


Our Acculink Cargo asset tracking devices are rugged, durable and purpose-built not only for tracking the location of your high value assets, but also monitoring them for temperature, vibration, shock, light, and motion. Equipped with long life batteries or wired directly, our devices are built for durability and can be deployed in the field to remote locations for long periods of time, protecting your high-value assets for years.

HGD4 - Battery Powered Smart Tracking Device

The HGD4 is a covert, single-use tracking device for shipment visibility and compliance. The HGD4 is a battery-operated, LTE enabled, and alkaline tracking device engineered for capturing in-transit temperature and location. It is an ideal solution for tracking shipments over the road, in flight and at sea when device retrieval is not required or possible.

HGR4- Multi-Use, Battery Powered Smart Tracking Device

The HGR4 is an LTE rechargeable enabled smart device for visibility and compliance. The HGR4 is purpose-built for reporting location and environmental conditions (temperature, light, shock, drop, tilt). It is an ideal solution for tracking assets over the road, in flight and at sea. The device also operates as a secure gateway for the BLE sensors.

TTU-730 - Battery Operated Asset Tracker

The TTU-730 is enhanced with LTE Cat 1, is a battery-operated asset tracking device designed for multi-year deployments. PEG™ intelligent capabilities, enable proven performance for extended life. Weatherproof design incorporating internal antennas simplifies installation making it best suited for unpowered assets in extreme and rugged environment.

HGP4 - Disposable, Battery Powered Smart Tracking Device

The HGP4 is an LTE enabled, long-life battery powered tracking device, designed for asset tracking and supply chain applications. The HGP4 provides location reporting as well as accurate temperature monitoring and movement detection. The device also operates as a secure gateway for the BLE sensors.

HFR4 - Multi-Use, Wired, Smart Tracking Device

The HFR4 is an LTE enabled, wired tracking device, designed for tracking assets over the road, or managing the movement of assets within warehouse / storage facilities. The HFR4 provides location reporting as well as accurate temperature monitoring and movement. The device also operates as a secure gateway for the BLE sensors.

BLE Sensors

Acculink BLE Sensors can monitor the conditions of your cargo – not just where it is, but what environmental conditions it faces. When used with Acculink Cargo tracking devices, these BLE sensors provide keen insight into precious cargo.

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