With our asset tracking managed solutions, companies can target the exact location of assets in near real-time, enabling quick and decisive action, should a problem or change in scheduling occur. These tracking solutions ensure your high-value assets are safe, secure and where they should be, even when in route to, or in remote locations.

Building a solution to wirelessly track and monitor assets, as well as the goods they contain, can be complex and so can its ongoing maintenance. That’s why we offer Asset Tracking as fully-integrated, end-to-end managed services that are fast and easy to deploy, with minimal start-up costs, backed by decades of IoT experience from the global leader of wireless modules.

Use Cases

Asset tracking focuses on giving companies visibility into where, what, and how assets are deployed. By tracking and monitoring these assets through a web-based application, managers can make smarter, more timely decisions based on facts. This type of business intelligence drives performance and creates significant competitive advantages.

Shipping and Cargo

Companies shipping hazardous materials through remote regions need visibility on the status of volatile cargo, while valuable goods can be prone to theft. When moving cargo from one location to the next, remote tracking of every pallet and bin helps prevent accidents and loss while improving real-time forecasting.

Fleet Tracking

Mobile assets such as heavy machinery, equipment, or a fleet of vehicles (and the inventory they carry) are complex and time consuming to manage manually. Driver behaviour and vehicle performance affect not only safety but also fuel efficiency and insurance costs. Fleet tracking solutions improve ROI through reduced inventory loss, improved productivity, and enhanced safety.

Disaster Management

In an emergency, high-value assets need to be deployed quickly, and to the right place. The ability to track and locate these assets as needed is vital to providing prompt relief in the face of disasters and catastrophic acts of nature.

  • Reduce time and effort spent locating assets
  • Increase accuracy of information needed for business intelligence
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase vehicle utilization efficiency (fleets)
  • Reduce inventory and returnable asset loss (cargo, containers)
  • Simplify regulatory management and compliance (fleet safety)

How the IoT Enables Mobile Asset Tracking

Tracking assets as they move though the supply chain is a huge advantage for businesses. But generating real-time data on mobile assets is hard, due to:

Our Solution

Sierra Wireless managed solutions are fully-integrated from device to cloud to deliver accurate, timely visibility into the location of fleets and high-value assets. The specialized devices work seamlessly with applications, and all applications offer web-based interfaces that allow users to access information from PCs, tablets, or smartphones. Advanced analytics deliver reports and visualizations specifically designed for each vertical industry.

Sierra Wireless’ asset tracking solutions include hardware, network, and software applications for remote asset management, GPS tracking, mapping, display, reporting, and data forwarding. Our satellite asset tracking solutions utilize low earth orbit satellites to wirelessly track assets when cellular service is not available.

Managed solutions for asset tracking include:

Vehicle Fleet Tracking

Increased ROI, improved productivity, theft recovery and enhanced safety for employees and assets are just a few of the reasons companies deploy fleet tracking solutions. Better utilization of vehicles can reduce fleet size, saving on maintenance, operating, and replacement costs.

Emergency Response

Satellite connectivity allows emergency management and disaster relief field managers to connect, track and manage tens of thousands of assets worldwide, often under conditions where cellular service has failed. Sierra Wireless’ solution includes mapping and management software designed specifically for mission critical responders’ operational needs, serving both head-quarters and field requirements.

Transmodal Shipping

Alway remain connected to your assets, whether they are being transported in pallets, bins, crates or containers. Our tracking solution for transmodal shipping can be tailored to meet the unique business needs of various vertical industries. Real-time tracking, alerting and reporting combined with near real-time visibility makes Sierra Wireless’ asset tracking solution a comprehensive, cost-effective solution.

To implement Asset Tracking:

We provide professional services including installation and configuration, and we deploy tracking devices on your high-value assets. The devices monitor the asset’s critical metrics and send data to the application via cellular or satellite communication, depending on the devices and network implemented.

The application uses this data to manage assets and present information via a friendly web interface that highlights problems and potential bottlenecks; an integrated mapping function makes it easy to visualize materials movement.

Asset Tracking solutions tell users where their assets are, how they’re doing, and when they will arrive. Ensuring asset visibility translates into enhanced productivity, decreased costs and losses, and increased revenue.

Solution Components

Our Asset Tracking solutions are market-ready, turnkey and managed by Sierra Wireless for rapid installation, deployment and ROI. All solution components are seamlessly integrated, with no need for applications development because the software is user-configurable to meet each enterprise’s operational needs.


Sierra Wireless has a proven track record when it comes to implementing M2M solutions. With a network platform that delivers a comprehensive view of your deployment and strong relationships with leading wireless and satellite providers for worldwide coverage, you can be assured of robust, reliable connectivity for your asset tracking deployment.


Sierra Wireless manufactures, installs, and supports all asset tracking IoT devices. The devices are built with reliability, scalability, and flexibility in mind. Equipped with long life batteries and built for durability, devices can be deployed in the field to remote locations for long periods of time, protecting your high-value assets for years.


Fleet Tracking

Xirgo XT2469A OBD

The XT2469A is the most versatile and economical diagnostic & monitoring device available today for communicating vital vehicle information to owners via AT&T’s LTE Cat M1 network. With an integrated GPS engine, cellular and GPS antennas, and integrated OBDII interface, the XT2469A is the ultimate solution for fleet managers in need of monitoring location, speed, and many other codes available on the OBD port of vehicles.

See Xirgo XT2469A OBD 

Asset Tracking


The GNX-5P is a highly configurable, feature-rich, mobile asset tracking device designed to service a wide variety of market and industry requirements. The GNX-5P is an ideal solution for Mobile Resource Management, vehicle tracking and many other location-aware applications and services. The GNX-5P utilizes LTE Cat 1 wireless technology for compatibility with the latest wireless network architecture. The GNX-5P incorporates leading edge, quality components for superior reliability including internal cellular and GPS antennas and an auto-calibrating 3-axis accelerometer for monitoring and reporting of rapid acceleration, deceleration, harsh cornering and other events.


Satellite Asset Tracking

SmartOne Solar

SmartOne Solar

For high value asset tracking where cellular service is not available, SmartOne Solar is a low maintenance and intelligent IoT device that provides remote monitoring and tracking over the Globalstar satellite network, using solar power to increase battery life. Fixed and movable assets such as rail tank cars, containers, heavy equipment and vehicle fleets can be remotely monitored and tracked, even when beyond the reach of other communications networks.


See SmartOne Solar

Satellite Asset Tracking

SmartOne C

SmartOne Solar

SmartOne C is designed for high value asset tracking where cellular service is not available for the intelligent management of fixed and mobile assets via satellite, the SmartOne C is a practical solution for a multitude of options including: 12 different reporting times, interval or 24-hour operation mode, alternate reporting schedules and low battery message. Track intermediate bulk containers, vehicles and boats as a solution to improve your asset’s operating efficiency and security.


See SmartOne C 
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Track your high-value assets 24/7 around the globe
No matter how far-flung your assets, our IoT-enabled asset tracking solutions make lack of visibility a thing of the past. Contact our solution specialists to discuss your enterprise’s most pressing issues with fleet or high-value asset management.

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