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Smart SIM Technology Helps One Runner Fulfill a Legacy

After nearly six months on the road running across Canada, French athlete Guy Amalfitano is expected to arrive in Vancouver on November 5th. The 7,600km journey from St. John’s, Newfoundland would be difficult for anyone, but Guy faces an additional challenge – in his twenties, he lost his right leg to cancer. Guy’s marathon run was inspired by Canadian athlete Terry Fox, a young man with the same amputation, whose own battle with cancer drove him on the same cross-country journey to raise money for cancer research. Fox’s life and journey were cut short by his cancer, leaving the marathon unfinished. Guy decided to continue Fox’s legacy, setting out on a 177-day run titled, “The Crossing of Hope.”

While the journey may seem like a lonely one, Guy has been anything but alone. On his website, we can remotely accompany him through all the ups and downs: we can see where he is, read his daily journal, and send questions and encouragement. This interactive experience is possible thanks to Solustop, a French tracking solutions specialist, as well as connectivity from Sierra Wireless, which allows us to trace Guy’s route, follow his estimated arrival date and keep up with other information as he makes his way across Canada. 

Tracking Solutions that Go the Distance

Solustop has been providing geolocation services since 2001, tracking everything from rally vehicles travelling in cities and deserts to valuable merchandise being shipped around the world. To track his journey, Guy is using Solustop’s lightweight GPS/GPRS SK06 tracking device. A low power device, the GPS/GPRS SK06 sends Guy’s location once per minute to Solustop’s application. 

Even with its efficient battery use and discreet design, remote areas on Guy’s journey posed a challenge for Solustop’s tracking device, which operates on the 2G networks that most Canadian operators no longer provide service for. That’s where Sierra Wireless came in. 

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Staying Connected with Smart SIM
Sierra Wireless has agreements with multiple mobile network operators (MNOs) across Canada and provided 2G service through a partner network. 

To ensure that Guy had reliable connectivity throughout his marathon, Solustop’s tracking device was outfitted with a Sierra Wireless Smart SIM. The operator agnostic Smart SIM selects the best network based on service quality. If the Smart SIM detects that its current network is no longer available, it will seek out and connect to another network autonomously. This ability keeps Solustop’s tracking device always online, so that Guy’s location is always clear as he travels from St. John’s to Vancouver. 

Follow Guy’s Journey
Guy Amalfitano’s journey is an admirable one, pushing his physical limits to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. We’re pleased to be a part of the team providing Guy with the reliable connectivity needed to share the experience with millions of people around the world. We wish Guy all the best and look forward to his arrival in Vancouver on November 5th! To share your support and join the journey, visit the Crossing of Hope website

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