The Innovation Summit is not a commercial event. We’re bringing together IoT experts and leaders in the industry to present exciting innovations and discuss the future of the IoT.

Our audience includes developers, architects, technical leaders, product managers and more – anyone involved in the development of IoT solutions.

Workshops on October 23rd are targeted specifically to a technical audience; we recommend that non-technical attendees register only for the October 24th event to hear from business leaders using or developing IoT solutions.

Whether you are currently building IoT solutions or planning to do so, you’ll gain insight into today's most innovative solutions for cellular IoT solutions and network with members of one of the most active IoT communities.

Plus, all paid attendees will receive our new mangOH Yellow kit and the knowledge to start building your IoT solution.

The Innovation Summit gathers every year 400 attendees from 30 countries, up to 30 demos from partners, 20 talks and presentations, and developer workshops.

An ID is required to enter the event. Minors are not accepted unless accompanied by an adult in charge.

The mangOH Yellow cannot be shipped to you if you can't attend.
The event is fully held in English.
All tickets are refundable up to 30 days prior the event.

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Director, Developer Program

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Chief Engineer, CTO Office

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