How Will 5G Impact Your Router Deployments?

5G is the next evolution in cellular connectivity. It promises to revolutionize applications across many sectors, and technology decision makers should be prepared to take advantage as carriers roll it out. As connections between local devices and cellular networks, routers are crucial to any 5G deployment. This eBook explores: The current state and future of […]

How to Build World-Class Smart Lighting Systems for Modern Cities

Has your city had its light bulb moment yet? Across the world, smart cities are waking up to the potential for smart lighting to save money and reduce its impact on the environment, all while improving the quality of life for residents. This eBook explores the benefits of municipal smart lighting while examining some of […]

5G is Unlocking the Potential of Telemedicine With the IoT

Telemedicine is an exciting opportunity for a health system that is coping with unprecedented challenges. Rising costs, healthcare reform and an aging population have compelled healthcare providers to innovate as they struggle to cater for increased demand with fewer resources. Telemedicine sits at the nexus of medical care and connectivity. The Internet of Things creates […]

AirLink® XR – The World’s Most Advanced 5G Router Solution

Public safety, transit, industrial, mission-critical and business-critical applications require always-on connectivity to ensure safety, security, transparency, and efficiency. Sierra Wireless AirLink XR is the world’s most advanced cellular router that addresses these real-world needs with unmatched 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and gigabit Ethernet supercharged performance in a ruggedized, flexible, and secure purpose-built solution. Download this eBook […]

5G Cellular Router Solution Evaluation Guide

5G enables you to deliver wireless connectivity on par with today’s wired broadband services. That gives you the flexibility to expand high-speed communications, whether video or data, to places you never considered, gain real-time control and visibility, and future-proof your business. Learn how to evaluate and select the right 5G cellular router to ensure that […]

Secure & Resilient: Meeting Global Connectivity Challenges for the IoT

Connectivity is perhaps the most critical component of your IoT infrastructure. The performance of your IoT application is highly dependent on the scope of your carrier’s network coverage, along with its resiliency and security. These requirements become even more critical in global IoT deployments, when your connected assets are scattered across the world and are […]

Unlocking the Value of Your IoT Connection With AirVantage® Smart Connectivity

Connectivity lies at the heart of every IoT project. It is a critical component in getting data from the device to its destination, where the data’s owner can use it to generate business outcomes. Drawing on research from Sierra Wireless partner Beecham Research, this eBook explores the value of connectivity in an IoT context and […]

How to Optimize North American Multi-Carrier Deployments & Simplify Management

Connectivity is the bridge between IoT devices. All IoT deployments need secure, robust connectivity. But as projects get larger, with thousands of different assets spread over huge geographical areas, establishing and maintaining connectivity becomes increasingly challenging. Learn how to simplify and optimize IoT deployments throughout North America (NAM) and how to solve many of the […]

Modernizing Utility Infrastructure: Smart, but Not Always Secure

A Guide for Utilities Looking to Improve Security for the Smart Grid Network Utility companies today face challenges on many fronts—meeting consumer expectations and regulatory requirements, addressing aging infrastructure and maximizing profits. To maintain market agility, utilities must adapt to change more quickly, increase their focus on value-added services and continue to monitor, control and […]

How Networking Solutions Enable Mobility Applications for Utilities

Modernizing and improving the efficiency of utility truck fleets can reduce utility costs and improve utility performance. Significant cost savings can be obtained by enabling real-time and reliable communications between utility vehicles in the field and dispatch. Download this eBook to learn: Building a Vehicle Area Network (VAN) Enabling better communications to speed up incident […]