When Disaster Strikes – First Responders and Public Safety Agencies Rely on Sierra Wireless Ruggedized Routers

In September 2022, Hurricane Ian slammed into South Florida impacting property and lives. First responders including law enforcement, fire, EMS, utilities and volunteers came together to rescue individuals and repair damaged infrastructure. Cellular communications played a major role in the recovery efforts highlighting the importance of ruggedized always-on equipment. Download this e-book to learn about: […]

Tackling Industrial IoT Challenges

New AirLink RX55 Delivers End to-End Connectivity Solution for Industry 4.0 Adopters Modernizing our industrial infrastructure is driven by a desire to lower costs, improve productivity and improve quality. These improvements come from leveraging Industrial IoT (IIoT) and connectivity along the guidelines of Industry 4.0. Sierra Wireless’ newest router, the AirLink RX55 is purpose built […]

How 5G is Supercharging Video Surveillance

Unlocking Powerful New Capabilities With 5G The combination of low latency and high data throughput provided by 5G will massively increase the capabilities of video surveillance. Large networks of cameras will be able to stream ultra-high definition (UHD) video in real-time, supported by advanced analytics. In turn, this will have a major impact on smart […]

How the IoT is Transforming Vending

Advances in technology are transforming the vending market. Whereas once these machines had a relatively limited number of use cases, the combination of digital solutions, cellular internet connectivity and the IoT are opening up possibilities across a number of industries. Also, as consumers increasingly demand greater convenience and flexibility, vending machines are coming into their […]

The Future of 5G in Transportation

Is your transportation organization tasked with decreasing congestion, increasing sustainability and improving safety? Do you want to know how your colleagues are using 5G to help with these demands? This eBook delivers insights on 5G usage by transportation organizations from an IDC Info Brief, sponsored by Sierra Wireless in Q1 2021, where IDC surveyed transportation […]

The Future of 5G in Public Safety

Is your public safety/emergency services organization struggling to keep up with the demand for real-time communications, transparency and integration of video sources including dash cams, body cams and surveillance/security cameras? Do you want to know how your colleagues are using 5G to help with these demands? This eBook delivers insights on 5G usage by public […]

Onboarding 5G Today

Future Proofing Wireless Communications in Public Transportation. Where does the 5G journey start? The short answer is now. This public transit-focused whitepaper provides a round-up of opportunities and challenges in the transition to 5G. Discover a unique aspect of 5G: the ability to coexist with previous technologies, leaving you the flexibility to build a 5G […]

The Future of 5G in Manufacturing

Are you a manufacturer deciding whether to upgrade your cellular infrastructure to 5G? Do you want to see the reasons 5G can make Industry 4.0 a reality? This eBook delivers insights on 5G usage by manufacturers from an IDC Info Brief, sponsored by Sierra Wireless in Q1 2021, where IDC surveyed manufacturers across North America […]

How Will 5G Impact Your Router Deployments?

5G is the next evolution in cellular connectivity. It promises to revolutionize applications across many sectors, and technology decision makers should be prepared to take advantage as carriers roll it out. As connections between local devices and cellular networks, routers are crucial to any 5G deployment. This eBook explores: The current state and future of […]

How to Build World-Class Smart Lighting Systems for Modern Cities

Has your city had its light bulb moment yet? Across the world, smart cities are waking up to the potential for smart lighting to save money and reduce its impact on the environment, all while improving the quality of life for residents. This eBook explores the benefits of municipal smart lighting while examining some of […]