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As a leader in building end to end solutions for the IoT, Sierra Wireless has more than 20 years of proven experience in managing remote and mobile devices across a wide range of industries where secure communication is a core requirement. Security is a top priority and an ongoing focus for Sierra Wireless, the growing Internet of Things ecosystem, and anyone who connects products to the internet. Companies must approach security as one of the critical requirements for their IoT deployments to protect against and reduce security vulnerabilities.

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Advisories and Bulletins

Last Updated
SWI-PSA-2020-005: ALEOS Local Privilege Escalation and LAN-Side RPC Server Remote Code Execution September 17, 2020 Click Here
SWI-PSA-2020-004: ALEOS Security Update August 7, 2020 Click Here
SWI-PSA-2019-004: SSH Proxy Advisory August 7, 2020 Click Here
SWI-PSA-2020-003: Treck IP stack June 26, 2020 Click Here
SWI-PSA-2020-002: CVE-2020-8948 April 14, 2020 Click Here
SWI-PSA-2020-001: PPPD Advisory March 6, 2020 Click Here

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