Report an Issue

For general security inquiries or to report a security issue in any Sierra Wireless product, please email [email protected].

Please do not include any vulnerability details in your initial email. We request the reporter keep any communication regarding the vulnerability confidential. Within 2 business days, you will receive a response using the contact information provided to arrange a secure environment for sharing information. If a response is not received within 2 business days, please follow up with us to ensure we’ve received your report.

To help us evaluate your submission as quickly as possible we request that you include the following information, if available:

  • Vulnerability type (buffer overflow, integer overflow, …)
  • Issue impact (arbitrary code execution, information disclosure, …)
  • Affected product and version
  • Instructions to reproduce the issue
  • A proof-of-concept (PoC), if available

When we issue an advisory to disclose security vulnerabilities and related code modifications, we will identify the reporter to give credit for their discovery, unless the reporter requests otherwise.

*NOTE* Sierra Wireless does not currently operate a bug bounty program and does not issue payment for submissions.