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Advisories and Bulletins

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SWI-PSA-2023-006 V2: Product Security Advisory: ALEOS Security Advisory
Dec 07, 2023
SWI-PSA-2023-005: AirLink Connection Manager (ACM) Security Advisory
Aug 10, 2023
SWI-PSA-2023-004: Sierra Wireless Security Advisory: MOVEit Transfer Critical Vulnerability (May 2023)
Jul 17, 2023
SWI-PSA-2023-003: Product Security Advisory: AirLink Router Security Advisory
Jun 22, 2023
SWI-PSA-2023-002: AirVantage Security Advisory
May 12, 2023
SWI-PSA-2023-001: AirLink – ALEOS Security Advisory
January 27, 2023
SWI-PSA-2021-007: Apache Log4j Vulnerability
January 20, 2022
SWI-PSA-2021-006: AirLink ALEOS Security Update
November 18, 2021
SWI-PSA-2021-005: GPSD Rollover Bug
October 26, 2021
SWI-PSA-2021-004: Bluetooth Core Specification Vulnerabilities
May 25, 2021
SWI-PSA-2021-003: Aggregation and Fragmentation Attacks Vulnerabilities
May 11, 2021
SWI-PSA-2021-002: Dnsmasq Vulnerabilities
January 20, 2021

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