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Vehicle Networking

MG90 - High Performance LTE-Advanced Multi-Network Vehicle Router

Multi-Network Platform, Vehicle Grade, Dual Concurrent Gigabit Wi-Fi

The AirLink® MG90 is a high performance LTE-Advanced vehicle networking platform, purpose built to provide secure, always-on connectivity for mission critical applications in public safety, transit and field services. 

With extensible multi-network connectivity, the MG90 offers dual LTE-Advanced with Band 14 option, Gigabit Wi-Fi WAN and Gigabit Ethernet, with extensions to Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and satellite systems. 

The MG90 dynamically selects the best available network, based on user customized scoring systems, using its intelligent policy-defined link management, and is able to effortlessly switch between WAN connections to provide uninterrupted communications and prevent downtime, performance issues or dead zones. Together with the AirLink® Connection Manager (ACM), the MG90 consolidates the security for all connected technologies in the vehicle area network (VAN), vastly simplifying deployments and enabling the enterprise to retain management control over network access and connected mobile assets. 

For more information about the MG90, visit the product page.

Markets: Public Safety, Fire, EMS, Public Transit, Utilities

Application: Multi-network mobile office connectivity

AirLink MG90 (NA & EMEA, LTE-A)
AirLink MG90 (NA & EMEA, Dual LTE-A)
AirLink MG90 (LTE-A and Band 14)
Vehicle Networking

MP70 - High Performance LTE-Advanced Vehicle Router

The AirLink® MP70 is a high performance, LTE-Advanced vehicle router developed specifically for mission critical applications in public safety, transit and field services.

Offering high power, long range Gigabit Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet, and up to 300 Mbps downlink speeds over LTE-Advanced, the AirLink MP70 unites the fleet with the enterprise network and enables multiple field applications to work simultaneously, further and faster from the vehicle than ever before.

The MP70 supports advanced remote visibility and instant insight into the vehicle area network (VAN), field applications and assets, and the mobile workforce. Purpose built for the vehicle, the MP70 delivers superior reliability and uninterrupted operation in harsh mobile environments.

For more information about the MP70, visit the product page.

Markets: Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Public Transit, Transportation, Utilities

Application: Mobile office connectivity

AirLink MP70
AirLink MP70 (no Wi-Fi)
Vehicle Networking

GX450 - Rugged, reliable 4G mobile communications

See what the GX450 can do in this short video: View Video

The AirLink® GX450 is a rugged, secure mobile gateway designed to deliver mission-critical communications for in-vehicle applications. Available to work on any carrier network, the GX450 provides broadband connectivity to all devices and applications.  It extends the enterprise network and management to the fleet, ensuring reliable, secure enterprise network access for mobile users in the field.

More more information about the GX450, visit the product page.

Markets: Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Public Transit, Transportation, Utilities, Oil & Gas

Applications: Mobile branch office connectivity

Case Studies: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, South Bay Regional Public Communications Authority

GX450 (incl. DC power cable and 3 year warranty)
GX450 WiFi (incl. DC power cable and 3 year warranty)
GX450 Ethernet (incl. DC power cable and 3 year warranty)
GX450 I/O (incl. DC power cable and 3 year warranty)
Enterprise Networking

ES450 - Reliable 4G Enterprise Connectivity

See what the ES450 can do in this short video: View Video

The AirLink® ES450 is a reliable, secure 4G LTE gateway designed to connect to the distributed Enterprise. With state-of-art global LTE coverage from the proven leader in LTE technology, the ES450 provides broadband connectivity for POS devices and other business critical equipment to ensure you can continue to serve customer requests. Together with AirLink Management Service, you have a one-shop solution to provision devices, monitor cellular data usage, and remotely maintain software versions and configurations.

For more information about the ES450, visit the product page.

Market: Retail

Applications: Backup wireless connectivity for mission critical transactions: POS, Branch Offices, ATMs, Kiosks, Restaurants, Digital Signage

Case Studies: Money Mart

ES450 (incl. AC power adapter, 2 LTE antennas, and 3 year warranty)
Industrial Networking

Raven RV50 – Lowest Power Consuming LTE Gateway

The AirLink® Raven RV50 is the industry’s lowest power LTE gateway. Simple to install and easy to manage, the Raven RV50 industrial gateway is designed to connect critical assets and infrastructure. Ideal for industrial-grade applications in energy, utilities and smart-city infrastructure, the Raven RV50 provides real-time remote connectivity for SCADA, distribution management systems and metering.

For more information about the RV50, visit the product page.

Markets: Energy (oil & gas, utilities, solar, renewables, wind), Industrial Control

Applications: Remote asset monitoring and management

RV50 (incl. DC power adapter and 3 year warranty)

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