Healthcare IoT Solutions

Unlock the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Streamline healthcare operations and drive better patient outcomes. Whether it's remote monitoring of medical devices, access to critical patient data from temporary healthcare facilities, or remote lab testing, healthcare companies and service providers can rely on Sierra Wireless to unlock the exciting new benefits of the Internet of Medical Things.

5G is Unlocking the Potential of Telemedicine with the IoT

Telemedicine sits at the nexus of medical care and connectivity. The Internet of Things creates the opportunity to streamline complex medical processes, providing accurate and timely information for practitioners and patients at the point of care.

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Connected Medical Devices

Connected medical devices enable healthcare manufacturers to remotely monitor and track medical devices at hospitals and other health facilities. Whether it’s a blood analysis machine or a ventilator, medical devices need to be working optimally at all times. By enabling cellular connectivity, healthcare companies can ensure that medical devices are always connected and unaffected by the outages and congestion in on-site IT networks.

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Patient Monitoring

Hospitals, practitioners, and healthcare device manufacturers are using the IoT to keep patients remotely connected to healthcare providers and services. By tracking patient vital signs and health status indicators using connected healthcare devices, they are improving patient outcomes, enabling providers to serve more patients, and reducing hospital visits and lowering overall healthcare costs.

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Temporary Healthcare Facilities

Connectivity becomes even more critical in makeshift healthcare facilities set up to mitigate patient overflow and triage patients. In such crises, healthcare professionals need uninterrupted access to data such as patient records, test results and supply chain statuses. Using local WiFi or setting up WiFi tethering does not suffice; choosing secure and high-speed cellular connectivity keeps temporary health facilities reliably connected at all times.

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Sierra Wireless provided the right product, expertise and partner relationships to support the launch of Dyna-Vision worldwide, delivering an easy integration with our device. This saved us a great deal of time and money in the development phase and allowed us to launch to market rapidly.”

R.A. Brest van Kempen, CEO, RS TechMedic