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Sierra Wireless Smart SIM and Connectivity Services

Connecting machines using cellular services designed for consumer mobile devices can be challenging. The intermittent network failure and incomplete network coverage will interrupt your IoT service delivery, and impact the customer experience and service quality. Sierra Wireless resolves the problem with the Smart SIM and connectivity service designed for connecting machines. The multi-operator SIM offers best global coverage, and continuous data service for connecting machines without human interventions. Check out how Sierra Wireless can help to enable a truly global IoT services.

Cellular networks offer the most ubiquitous commercial solution for connecting machines across the globe, but connecting your machines through a network designed for consumer mobile devices can be challenging. Peak user periods, local and global coverage challenges, or fleet behavior can increase risks of a poor connection. Each operator has gray zones where the network signal is unstable or not available. These zones create significant issues for IoT deployments. In the case of fixed assets, the IOT service provider has to manually test and determine which operator to use in each location. The process is long and expensive. In the case of outages in the cellular network, the connected service will not be available. For mission-critical services, this can cause financial losses. IoT service providers will lose business if they can’t deliver on the service promised to the end user. Where can you find a sim designed to connect machines anywhere in the world? Sierra Wireless offers a smart multi-operator global sim that solves coverage and data quality connection issues specific to IoT devices. These sims are also smart. They have a patented chip agent that not only selects the best network at any given time but also automatically recovers from network failures by monitoring and reconnecting as necessary. This smart sim provides much higher quality data service required by mission-critical IoT services. The superior coverage allows you to connect your global IoT deployment with a single sim. The IoT acceleration platform manages all of your Sierra Wireless sims, as well as legacy sims from other operators. The combined smart sim and platform offers a simplified and cost-effective solution for connecting your IoT deployments.

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