Sierra Wireless® AirLink® Gateways Keep the Water Bill Down for Local Governments

A subsidiary of Western Australia’s Industrial Automation Group, Waterman Irrigation designs and develops modular irrigation systems. Waterman’s products have been tested and proven to suit local government automation needs and the commercial agricultural market.

Business Challenge

Due to severe drought conditions, the use of water from the distributed water supply network in Western Australia has increased dramatically in recent months. Access facilities with standpipes located throughout the area allow water tankers to fill up and take water out of the grid, but there was no accurate tracking system to record and collect water usage data for billing.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

Connected by the Sierra Wireless AirLink® gateway, Waterman Irrigation’s remote monitoring system requires the customer to use an RFID card to open a solar-powered control panel that provides access to the water supply. The recorded data is then stored in an on-site RTU and made available to local councils using reliable 3G broadband communication provided by the gateway.

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