3G Embedded Modules Provide Ventus Customers with Flexible and Secure Remote Management Solutions

Ventus Networks (Ventus) is a Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant, carrier-agnostic telecommunications and engineering company. Ventus provides advanced, fully managed end-to-end encrypted connectivity through global fixed wire and wireless private networks. Specializing in design engineering and completely managed implementations, Ventus specifically addresses issues affecting the financial services, ATM, kiosk, security, and self-service markets.

Business Challenge

Ventus’ proprietary technology and software applications offer cutting edge functionality backed by superior service before, during, and after installation from a designated team of innovative network engineers and customer support professionals. Ventus partners with banks, credit unions, ATM, kiosk and security providers, manufacturers, and processors to deliver fast, reliable data transfer services wherever and whenever needed. Ventus’ mission is to provide high-performance, innovative, dependable, scalable, and secure networks that meet client expectations for return on investment (ROI).

Sierra Wireless Solution

Ventus Networks sought a mature partner with proven 3G experience. After researching and testing potential cellular solutions, the company selected the Sierra Wireless 3G CDMA and HSDPA embedded modules for their superior quality and reliability.

Ventus Networks collaborated with the Sierra Wireless professional services team for integration assistance and time-to-market support. Sierra Wireless, with more than 14 years experience integrating its wireless modules into partner products, helped coordinate the people, technology, equipment, and licenses required for advanced testing with the Ventus platform.

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