AirLink® Gateways enable Renewable Energy Systems Limited to Perform Continuous and Reliable Monitoring

Renewable Energy Systems, Ltd. (RES) is one of the largest and most successful wind energy companies in the world and has been at the forefront of the industry for over 20 years. The company is intimately involved in most aspects of wind energy projects, including research, development, engineering, construction, maintenance, electricity generation and sales.

Business Challenge

Every wind farm project has a research phase in which data is collected at potential wind farm sites to assess their suitability for wind production. Once a site has been identified for evaluation, RES sends a team of wind data specialists to collect environmental information such as wind speed, wind direction and temperature.

RES had previously tried an analog modem solution connected by wireline service and powered by a solar battery. This proved to be too high in energy consumption, and the wireline coverage was not broad enough to cover the desired geographic areas. The company needed to find a reliable wireless solution to remotely manage the wind monitoring equipment and provide real-time, two-way communication for data collection and analysis.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

RES first began researching wireless monitoring solutions in early 2005 and discovered the Sierra Wireless AirLink® gateway, an entry-level, low cost, rugged wireless data solution that enabled two-way communication between the wind farm equipment and RES regional offices. The company found that the device had better coverage and improved power consumption. RES, however, soon realized they needed a more powerful and intelligent wireless data solution and discovered Sierra Wireless’s AirLink gateway.

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