Paradise Valley PD uses in-vehicle gateway for critical communications

Located in Maricopa County between Scottsdale and Phoenix, Paradise Valley is Arizona’s most affluent community with a population approaching 13,000 citizens.

Business Challenge

In such a small community crime is typically rare, so in 2012 when the police department and town council noticed an uptick in burglaries there was obvious concern. Following several years of lean government spending, the impact of not being able to hire more officers or deploy new technology was being felt.

Until task force recommendations were made, Paradise Valley Police Department had limited technologies available for officers other than hand-held radios.

Sierra Wireless InMotion Solution

Paradise Valley selected L-3 Communications as their technology partner. L-3 proposed an “all in one” solution that included an in-vehicle gateway that would support an array of technology applications in the vehicle including license plate recognition, mobile tablets, electronic ticketing, mobile in-vehicle cameras, and body-worn cameras. L3 was asked to source and provide all this technology and integrate it into the police department vehicles.

The L-3 solution included Sierra Wireless’ InMotion oMG Mobile Gateway. One of the key factors in selecting the InMotion Solution was the requirement for a communications gateway that would work with multiple cellular networks. Paradise Valley is located close to mountains and typical carrier coverage across their service area is approximately 60-70% which wasn’t adequate. The InMotion Solution enables them to deploy multiple carrier radios simultaneously, with the gateway selecting the best available network based on location, time of day, speed etc.

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