Nube Improves LP Gas Consumer Experience and Gas Tank Refilling Efficiency

Nube is a startup company with a vision: they want to use the latest IoT technologies to build a smarter connected world and enhance the lives of our communities.

Business Challenge

In Mexico, as in most of Central and Latin America, liquid petroleum gas used by commercial, industrial businesses and residences is almost unanimously stored on the roof top of buildings. Roof mountings free up space on the ground, take advantage of an area that might otherwise go unused, and give buildings a more attractive appearance – but make tanks hard to access. It can be difficult, even dangerous, to reach a tank and get a meter reading. Without meter readings, it is almost impossible to know when tanks need a refill. 

Sierra Wireless Device to Cloud Solution

Sierra Wireless supports the gathering and transmission of tank data, and provides the necessary links that connect the back-end data repository with the portal and the mobile app.

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