Nevada DOT Keeps Highways Safe with Sierra Wireless® Broadband Communications

Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is continuously developing projects to increase the intelligence of their transportation systems. As part of its transition from analog to digital infrastructure, NDOT enlisted Las Vegas Electric to expand Nevada’s network of road messaging signs and fiber optic connectivity.

Business Challenge

The catalyst for the transportation project was a lane reduction bottleneck on the new Hoover Dam bypass bridge. After receiving federal funding for its proposal to widen US93 to accommodate two lanes in each direction, NDOT was able to extend Las Vegas’ current fiber optics network, as well as add digital signs and surveillance cameras along the stretch of highway.

However, the stretch of US93 included in the widening project ran short of connecting to the existing fiber network ring located in the surrounding Las Vegas area. With the high cost and effort to run new fiber, NDOT was forced to look for an alternative communications technology to execute the widening plan.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

Las Vegas Electric had previously worked with NDOT on a digital signage project that implemented AirLink gateways, and both companies were pleased with the reliable wireless connectivity the gateways provided. As a result, NDOT specifically called out the AirLink gateways on a list of approved products provided to Las Vegas Electric for this US93 widening project.

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