NAVTEQ Powers Traffic Monitoring Website with AirLink Gateways

The Traffic Pulse network is the foundation for all of NAVTEQ's traffic applications. This network uses a process of data collection, data processing, and data distribution to generate the most unique traffic information in the industry. Digital Traffic Pulse® collects data through a sensor network, processes and stores the data in a data center, and distributes that data for use in commercial traffic applications.

Business Challenge

The sensor network that comprises the core of Digital Traffic Pulse combines new and unique, digital traffic gathering technology with proven non-digital traffic gathering techniques.

Digital Traffic Pulse Sensor Network - Installed along major highways, the digital sensor network gathers lane-by-lane data on travel speeds, lane occupancy, and vehicle counts. These basic data elements make it possible to calculate average speeds and travel times. The data is then transmitted to the data center for reformatting. The network continuously monitors roadway conditions on a 24/7 basis and provides updates to the data center in real time.

Deployed along major highways throughout North America, where landline access is not readily available, NAVTEQ needed a wide area cellular solution for connecting their network of traffic pulse monitors.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

NAVTEQ installed the AirLink Raven intelligent gateways in their traffic pulse counters to provide an always on connection. ALEOSTM embedded intelligence and the AirLink device management tools enable NAVTEQ to manage their network from a central location. Furthermore, the low power requirements of the device allow for the use of solar power, eliminating the need for power lines.

The NAVTEQ solution powered by the Sierra Wireless AirLink Raven enables:

  • Telematics - for mobile professionals and others, NAVTEQ's traffic information complements in-vehicle navigation devices, informing drivers not only how to get from point A to point B but how long it will take to get there — or even direct them to an alternate route.
  • Media - for radio and TV broadcasters, cable operators, and advertisers who sponsor local programming, Traffic Pulse Networks provides traffic information and advertising opportunities for a variety of broadcasting venues.
  • Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS) - for public agencies,' applications aid in infrastructure planning, safety research, and livable community efforts; integrate with existing and future ITS technologies and deployments; and provide data reporting tools.