Test and Measurement Industry Boosts Efficiencies with Remote Data Acquisition Using Sierra Wireless® AirLink®

Based in The Netherlands, MapTools BV sells and leases third-party data acquisition solutions and provides value-added services, such as training, to its test and measurement customers.

Business Challenge

MapTools has a long track record in test and measurement, providing data acquisition solutions to installers in industries such as energy, waste management, mining, pharmaceutical, and automation. One of the biggest challenges faced by these industries is efficiently acquiring test data from a series of devices located in multiple, disparate locations. MapTools was looking to establish remote control and management capabilities for their data acquisition and test and measurement solutions in order to eliminate the time and resources required to travel to each individual device, such as an electric meter, in order to download recorded test and measurement data.

Sierra Wireless Solution

MapTools began testing remote management devices using cellular broadband to provide long-range connectivity to download and analyze test and measurement data in real time. MapTools trialed both a Sierra Wireless AirLink gateway and a connectivity device from another prominent manufacturer before deciding on the AirLink gateway. The MapTools solution consists of the gateway paired with a locally sourced Com-port Server to provide remote acquisition of data from the Fluke 430 and 1700 series Power Quality Analyzers.

“The results we received from the AirLink device were superior,” said Michiel Nijsen, president of MapTools.

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