Lower Colorado River Authority Pilots Automated Metering Program Using Dependable Cellular Connectivity

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) is a state agency in central Texas that provides wholesale water and energy to cooperatives and communities. Originally responsible for maintaining depression era dams, the agency expanded from hydra-generation capabilities into electric power distribution to help meet the demands of the growing state.

Business Challenge

LCRA’s wholesale water division was interested in testing the cost effectiveness of a wholly automated remote monitoring solution to read bulk water meter distribution points. They enlisted engineers from the agency’s hydrologic services department to develop a pilot program at two community locations in order to eliminate manual data collection.

The purpose of the meter automation project was twofold: accurate measurement of water quantities delivered to each customer and real-time monitoring of water flow to identify potential issues before any incidents occur.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Solution

LCRA’s cellular provider recommended upgrading to the Sierra Wireless Raven gateways to advance the connectivity and remote monitoring capabilities of its pilot program. Working with Sierra Wireless provider Industrial Networking Solutions to program their devices, LCRA rolled-out the gateways with “no issues of any kind”.

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