Sierra Wireless® Helps Put the Art in State-of-the-Art Experience Station with Rugged, 4G Communications

In 2002, Inwindow Outdoor created the concept of customizing artwork to wrap entire storefronts with larger than life images. As the inventor and leader of this medium, the company pioneered the integration of technologies such as video, gesture recognition, augmented reality, 3D, audio, Wi-fi /Bluetooth, SMS, and touchscreens. Headquartered in NYC, Inwindow Outdoor has created more than 1,000 unique installations for many of the best-known brands in the world and has won numerous industry awards.

Business Challenge

Because these displays are temporary, they must be portable and have the ability to quickly, easily, and affordably access the Internet at each new location. To keep the experience fresh and positive for users, Inwindow Outdoor also requires remote access to its displays in order to regularly change content, provide real-time information, and monitor equipment to ensure the system is up and running at all times. In addition, many of the company’s interactive displays offer keepsakes, such as photographs, that require Internet connectivity to transfer content to servers for an immediate push to users.

Sierra Wireless Solution

As a replacement for the consumer-grade router, Inwindow Outdoor turned to the AirLink Raven XE, built on a powerful platform and processing environment that provides remote monitoring and two-way communication required for commercial mobile or portable network connectivity applications.

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