Traffic Calming Solutions Move Fortel Traffic Incorporated Beyond Speed Limits with 3G Communications and Remote Management

Fortel Traffic, Inc. is one of the most forward-thinking companies in the traffic industry. The organization’s main focus is to ensure the safety of our streets with state-of-the-art products such as VCalm®, a vehicle calming signage unit, and VSpeed™ Online Software for data collection and programming.

Business Challenge

In order to download captured speed data from digital signs or change the display message, a field technician needed to be within very close proximity of the sign to download data and upload new instructions from a WiFi enabled pocket PC. Not including travel time or additional parts checks and repairs, the process took upwards of 15 minutes per sign. In the city of San Jose, which has 44 signs, they estimated that they were paying close to $80,000 each year to maintain the signs with $150/hour bucket truck rental and $150/hour electrician wages.

Sierra Wireless Solution

The City of Elk Grove, one of Fortel Traffic’s progressive clients, wanted to use Fortel’s signage on large mast arms extending over a road or freeway. Elk Grove needed to connect to the signs remotely to institute critical messaging alerts in real-time, but the city was losing data from the slow and spotty transmission of Fortel’s legacy modems. Elk Grove’s information technology staff had experienced success with Sierra Wireless’ AirLink™ PinPoint X in-vehicle gateway used in law enforcement vehicles and introduced Fortel to the line of AirLink intelligent gateways and routers.

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