Durabook Provides Mobile Workers with Rugged Reliability and Assured Connectivity

Durabook manufactures rugged computing solutions, including the Durabook line of laptops and mobile tablets. Rugged Durabook devices have a loyal customer base around the globe, including the U.S. Armed Forces, public safety agencies, numerous field service organizations, as well as companies that specialize in oil & gas, logistics, healthcare, utilities and automotive industries.

Business Challenge

Mobile workforces rely on being able to communicate in the field. For police officers at a traffic stop, firefighters on the scene of a fire or utility workers repairing a power line, communication is “mission-critical” and often a matter of life and death.

When Durabook embarked on their latest development of fully rugged and semi-rugged computers, they knew they needed to be able to offer the most reliable product. Durabook wanted to provide LTE connectivity for mobile workers but also needed to offer Wi-Fi and GNSS capabilities.

Sierra Wireless IoT Solution

Durabook chose Sierra Wireless’ EM Series LTE Advanced module for faster time-to-market. The module is pre-certified on most global carrier networks, and because Durabook developers were already familiar with the module specifications from previous designs, they were able to quickly integrate the module into the new designs. The product design and carrier certification support from the Sierra Wireless engineering team also contributed to the shortened development time.

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