Dickinson Police Department Cracks Down on Crime with Mobile Video Surveillance

Located along the Gulf Coast, the Police Department of Dickinson, Texas, provides law enforcement services to a population of about 20,000 in an 11 square mile area

Business Challenge

For the Dickinson Police Department (DPD), escalating narcotics sales had become a particularly virulent problem, contributing to the overall crime rate and placing an inordinate burden on both patrol officers and investigators.

In order to limit direct contact with drug dealers, which placed officers in physical danger, manpower-intensive undercover operations were staged to aid in successful arrests and prosecutions. Unfortunately, traditional methods of relaying critical information lacked the timeliness and quality critical in high-threat, fast-paced operations. Suspect identity was relayed verbally, via radio, and confirmed by patrol officers face-to-face, with potential for miscommunication and operation compromise. The DPD relied on decade old video equipment that, due to its short-range limitations, could not be used in certain investigations. The DPD wanted to supplement its voice communications and limit the need for eyes-on operations by enabling remote data access to allow officers to safely and efficiently monitor suspect situations at all times.

Sierra Wireless Solution

Dickinson Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division selected a covert IP video surveillance system, developed by Crime Point, a Sierra Wireless solutions partner. The Crime Point/Sierra Wireless solution allows the agency to gather intelligence for a variety of cases. Crime Point’s IP video surveillance solution features pervasive mobile broadband communications provided by the Sierra Wireless AirLink® Gateway. The gateway features a compact, rugged form factor, high-speed Ethernet interface, and optimized architecture. With AirLink management software, the solution simplifies installation, deployment, and remote management of any wireless implementation.

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