Sierra Wireless® Connects Yakima with Robust Cellular Solution

The City of Yakima serves an urban population of more than 125,000 residents. For many years, Yakima has been leveraging technology to improve the community and increase the safety of its citizens and public works employees.

Business Challenge

When the City of Yakima began implementing its GIS program almost 25 years ago, it was dependent on radio service for mobile communication and had limited GPS capability. The GIS solution was implemented in police vehicles to accommodate AVL and dispatch communication.

With the move to a cellular solution, the City of Yakima wanted to expand their AVL and dispatch services to additional departments. The City needed to find mobile, broadband devices that could meet the requirements specific to multiple departments, including ruggedness for waste management trucks and portability for public transit vehicles that were taken in and out of service, the City of Yakima was using Sierra Wireless AirLink® gateways provide the robust capabilities for police and fire, and the City’s GIS team knew they could trust the AirLink product line to provide the functionality and durability required for expanded services.

Sierra Wireless Solution

The City of Yakima currently has more than 200 Sierra Wireless AirLink gateways enable AVL and dispatch capabilities throughout city service departments deployed in police cruisers, fire trucks, ambulances, refuse trucks, and buses to enable two-way communication and vehicle location in order to provide efficient response, service management, and public access to real-time public transit schedules.

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