CareTech Selected Sierra Wireless to Utilise the Most Reliable and Stable Connectivity Network

CareTech is a market-leading provider of social alarms and personal security products. CareTech operates to the highest standards and in this business, realtime communication is not only a crucial component of the service – it's a matter of life and death. There is no "one-size-fits-all", flexibility is crucial and CareTech needs to have the same support from its partners and suppliers as it needs to provide to its customers.

Caretech's mission is to develop and market high-quality social alarm and personal security products using leading edge technology. Their products can be tailored to both independent and assisted living accommodation.

Wireless and Secure Connectivity

To ensure rapid and secure communication channels, the market for Social Alarms requires a combination of wireless and digital solutions. Sierra Wireless delivers wireless digital connectivity between the Alarm terminals of CareTech, placed in the home of elderly people, and CareTech emergency center. A roaming function allows the terminal to be placed anywhere, completely independent of the conditions in landscape and environment.

A Feeling of Security

For people using CareTech Service, it's vital to get in touch when anxious and in need. It can be about life and death. With our joint solution, there is another human contact just a few seconds away and CareTech therefore offers an invaluable feeling of security among the users.