Bak USA’s Rugged Tablets Help First Responders Reduce Response Time and Save More Lives

Bak USA builds mobile computers in downtown Buffalo, New York. The company’s purpose-built devices - a rugged tablet and 2-in-1 laptop - are durable, mobile and accessible. Committed to building computers, empowering people and changing lives, Bak USA is reinventing what it means to make it in America.

Business Challenge

Most industries are moving to fully-connected work environments where information exists on the cloud, and systems and devices must connect seamlessly from the office to field workers. Mobile technology is a must, and cost-conscious companies need hardware that lasts. For fire departments, delayed communication and limited access to information is not an option and can put lives and property at risk.

Firefighters need to quickly access accurate information about the location of an incident, understand the severity of the situation, identify the quickest response route and the availability of nearby fire departments, EMS, apparatus and water supply. Once on scene, incident commanders need seamless ways to track personnel and equipment and manage resources. And after firefighters have returned to their station, administrators need to easily catalog and report incidents.

Sierra Wireless Public Safety Solution

Bak USA’s powerful and rugged tablet uses Sierra Wireless® AirPrime® EM Series embedded modules to provide fire fighters a compact device with low power consumption. The high compute performance and reliable connection allow fire fighters to communicate in real-time no matter where they are in the field. 

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